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October 9, 2017

Stronger with Bailie VOL. 1

Today I am letting Bailie kick it off with her first post for you all! I will just sit back and let you read what she has to say! I hope you enjoy and come back again soon to hear from her again! Also, as Bailie and I were planning this series, I thought it would be great for her posts to go up on Mondays. Yes, Mondays. We all hate Mondays, but what a better way to start a fresh new week with a Fitness post!

Hello lovelies,

I am super excited to share with you this week the importance of balancing school and health while reshaping your daily routine in a stress free way!


A+… acing health and studies

The first few weeks of college can be tough. Learning how to balance school and work are hard enough. On top of that, keeping your body healthy can be the hardest part. With just a few simple steps, let me show you how to ace all of your exams  and keep your body in the best shape possible.

Meeting in the middle: Balancing a healthy body and good grades


When your mind and  body feel the best together, this is when your performance is at an all time high. Rather that be in class, doing homework, in the gym or exercising in between commercials while watching your favorite  show.

It only takes a few small and simple steps in your daily routine to get to in the best shape of your college career. From your morning routine, to small diet changes, to exercise and then your nightly routine. Simple alterations in your habits can drastically change in positive way. Read more

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September 21, 2017

College Organized and Simplified

Have you ever thought how can I make college just a tad simpler? College is College. Preparing for our future, dream job, life career, planning for our future. I love finding ways to make college easier. Heck make my LIFE easier! Lately I have had a few ideas on how to save time and ease my crazy mind. May help a few of you or maybe no one at all or even help new ideas start. You always see life hacks for certain things, here is my go on a few ways to make college a tad simpler and maybe organized!  Read more

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September 14, 2017

Blush and Gold – New Room

It is finally time to say I am in the process of changing rooms. I have three older brothers and one only lives at home still, so there is two extra rooms floating around in my house. That means I am moving rooms again! Out of the five rooms we have I have had two, now it will be three. I have lived downstairs my whole life and now going upstairs. It is a much bigger room than I had for my Lilly Pulitzer room and my first room. I moved to my second bedroom my junior year of High School in 2012. I’ve had a room a light purple, hot pink, grey, then white when I did my room Lilly Pulitzer themed. Now that I moving again to my FAVORITE rooms in our house, I want to change again. I still will be painting it a white color, not sure exactly yet but maybe an off white. I want to focus my room around three things; gold, blush, and marble. That is all I see all over Pinterest and I am obsessed with it all! Recently my mom and I had so much fun purchasing from Target and got all these things below. I don’t think we will keep both of the blankets, just couldn’t decide especially not seeing in person. We always say we can order and return what we don’t want!  Read more

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September 7, 2017

Back to School Wish List

Back to school means Fall is slowing approaching. New season, means new things! I always finding more items to add to my on-going wishlist. Today I am sharing a few that I had to add to my back to school list. Sadly, I can’t purchase everything I want. But I will always still dream of getting it all.


York Tote Chestnut Tieks Miller Sandals Fuchsia Tieks

York Small Tote | Fuchsia Tieks | Chestnut Tieks | Miller Sandals

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August 21, 2017

Why I have been MIA!? – UPDATE

June 19, was my last blog post…

Have you ever just sat and wonder, What am I doing? I have thought that for many months. So many different emotions that my head can’t grasp. I probably couldn’t even try to explain the half of it to you. With that being said, I am back into things. I am trying my best to do MY BEST. Lately, I have been in my own world block. Kinda of like writers block. Just not wanting to do ANYTHING or try to. With the new school year coming, I have pushed and changed those ways. This summer I got extremely lazy and didn’t want to try to blog, at all. To many things already were going on and I let my blog go pretty much. I feel terrible about it and regret not trying to pursue my blog this summer. Summer is always an exciting time, with new things happening and new places to go. Read more

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October 29, 2016

Clarisonic Mia 2 Review

Have you ever considered a Clarisonic? If so, let me tell you my opinion on it. I got the amazing opportunity to receive a Clarisonic Mia 2 to review and share my thoughts on. I couldn’t wait to get it in the mail and test it out. I have been using it for roughly two weeks now and love it. I use it every other day, mainly because I don’t wash my face that often. I use the Makeup Eraser everyday to take off my makeup, then while in the shower I use the Clarisonic (yes, it’s waterproof!). Read more

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August 17, 2016

Back To School 2016 Ready

I start school TODAY, and I did not want to go back! I wish I could rewind back to the beginning of summer. I know that’s impossible now so I have to find ways to get excited or be prepared for a new school year. It is never easy going back to school after a nice break from it all, but one way to get me prepared is getting a new Lilly Pulitzer planner. It never fails when getting a new one each year, a fresh new start.  Read more

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August 11, 2015

College Tips

So I just finished my first year at a community college, yes I know it’s not the full college experience. But I am only going to there to save more money in the end! So that is my first advice: try to save money as much as possible when it comes to college!

Next, rent books! There is absolutely no reason why you should you pay full price for the textbooks! You may not barely use them anyways so no need to end up purchasing unless you know you will need to use them! Read more

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August 13, 2014

Spotify for College Kids

So I’ve always been curious about spotify
Then I saw the deal about it’s only $4.99 per month for college students! Instead of $9.99 per month
All you have to do is submit a document showing that you are a student

So I took on the deal
You are able to listen to their radio stations without ads

And create your own playlists
You just have to sync the music with wifi and then you can listen to the music later without wifi or data.

And you can have as much music as you want! Any music every song you could think of!
Just thought I would let someone else know about this deal!

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