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December 14, 2017

Gift Guide: Home Decorator

Okay, can we just make this statement clear.

Nordstrom has it ALL.

I have been using Nordstrom for so many of these gift guides. It did not disappoint when I wanted to find unique different pieces that would be great gifts that involve decorating a home! These are all amazing products that will be awesome to see someone use in their home! I would be thrilled to get these things myself for my future home one day! I plan to have a lot of things like these.

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In 25 Days of Christmas 2017, Decor on
December 1, 2017

Decorating For Christmas

Happy December 1st! This year I am going to try my BEST to succeed in doing 25 day of Christmas on my blog! I have been working so hard these past few weeks to make this possible! I hope all the work pays off and hope you enjoy it all! I have most days all planned what I will post – but if you have any requests or ideas for me to post about, PLEASE let me know!! Heres to the FIRST DAY OF DECEMBER!

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September 14, 2017

Blush and Gold – New Room

It is finally time to say I am in the process of changing rooms. I have three older brothers and one only lives at home still, so there is two extra rooms floating around in my house. That means I am moving rooms again! Out of the five rooms we have I have had two, now it will be three. I have lived downstairs my whole life and now going upstairs. It is a much bigger room than I had for my Lilly Pulitzer room and my first room. I moved to my second bedroom my junior year of High School in 2012. I’ve had a room a light purple, hot pink, grey, then white when I did my room Lilly Pulitzer themed. Now that I moving again to my FAVORITE rooms in our house, I want to change again. I still will be painting it a white color, not sure exactly yet but maybe an off white. I want to focus my room around three things; gold, blush, and marble. That is all I see all over Pinterest and I am obsessed with it all! Recently my mom and I had so much fun purchasing from Target and got all these things below. I don’t think we will keep both of the blankets, just couldn’t decide especially not seeing in person. We always say we can order and return what we don’t want!  Read more

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