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January 8, 2018

Recently I’ve Bought

I recently did a Instagram Story Poll if any of you wanted me to do a Ulta Haul, 90% who voted said yes! I’ve also decided to add in a few others that I recently purchased.

This is not going to include my Lilly Pulitzer APS purchases. I will do a future content to show what I bought then. So here’s what recently I’ve bought! Read more

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October 31, 2017

Shop Tory Burch Sale

Fall handbags are out in stores and classic ones are always in style. The blush and neutral tones will always be a favorite, anytime you can find one on sale that you love, is a great deal! From a cross body, travel wallet, to a satchel bag even a pair of riding boots. Tory Burch has amazing things on sale now!  Read more

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September 21, 2017

College Organized and Simplified

Have you ever thought how can I make college just a tad simpler? College is College. Preparing for our future, dream job, life career, planning for our future. I love finding ways to make college easier. Heck make my LIFE easier! Lately I have had a few ideas on how to save time and ease my crazy mind. May help a few of you or maybe no one at all or even help new ideas start. You always see life hacks for certain things, here is my go on a few ways to make college a tad simpler and maybe organized!  Read more

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September 7, 2017

Back to School Wish List

Back to school means Fall is slowing approaching. New season, means new things! I always finding more items to add to my on-going wishlist. Today I am sharing a few that I had to add to my back to school list. Sadly, I can’t purchase everything I want. But I will always still dream of getting it all.


York Tote Chestnut Tieks Miller Sandals Fuchsia Tieks

York Small Tote | Fuchsia Tieks | Chestnut Tieks | Miller Sandals

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August 21, 2017

Why I have been MIA!? – UPDATE

June 19, was my last blog post…

Have you ever just sat and wonder, What am I doing? I have thought that for many months. So many different emotions that my head can’t grasp. I probably couldn’t even try to explain the half of it to you. With that being said, I am back into things. I am trying my best to do MY BEST. Lately, I have been in my own world block. Kinda of like writers block. Just not wanting to do ANYTHING or try to. With the new school year coming, I have pushed and changed those ways. This summer I got extremely lazy and didn’t want to try to blog, at all. To many things already were going on and I let my blog go pretty much. I feel terrible about it and regret not trying to pursue my blog this summer. Summer is always an exciting time, with new things happening and new places to go. Read more

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May 29, 2017

MERMAID for Summer

Who doesn’t want to be a mermaid? Wait, who also is secretly one? I know for a fact I am. Well in my eyes I am. Anyone else?  I may not actually have a long scaled tail with beautiful ocean colors, I can dream with all the mermaid accessories. I feel like every store you go into, there are mermaid items! It took me only a few minutes to find tons of options just from looking at popular places I always check.

Read more

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May 22, 2017

Tory Burch Summer

Tory Burch is always a site to browse on. I have been in the store once and fell in love. There are always items I tend to love and want. From the classic earrings, rings, and shoes. I love the classic pieces they have and always have wanted to try the popular Miller Sandals. I recently just went to look on the site and saw the swimsuit below. Guys. It is everything in a swimsuit I have been looking for. Read more

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April 10, 2017

Vineyard Vines Shirts for Days

I have made it official that I only wear two comfy t-shirt brands. Vineyard Vines is the top one, PINK is the second one. Vineyard Vines is the best t-shirts to wear year round, especially the holiday ones! Since spring is here, I love looking at the upcoming Summer designs to have. Today I am sharing my top picks of the t-shirts that are online NOW! Read more

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April 7, 2017

Week Before Good Friday Favs

Happy Friday! It is officially a week before Good Friday! Do you have your Easter Dress yet? I do! If not, I’ve linked some of my favorite Lilly Pulitzer Dresses that will be great for easter below, still time to hurry and get the perfect dress! Today I am also sharing a few adorable Easter goodies, some may even be good to go in an Easter Basket!  Read more

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April 1, 2017

Makeup I’m Packing | Charleston, SC

Tomorrow morning my mom and I will be on our way to Charleston, SC! Yesterday started off our Spring Break for this year! We have been planning this trip for months, since before Christmas. We are so excited and I believe it will be very hard to fall asleep tonight! Today I am showing what are a few essentials I will be bringing on my trip. When I travel, I like to bring some of my favorites that I can’t live without! Read more

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March 22, 2017

Wednesday Makeup Wish List

Makeup is always a huge favorite of mine. I have all the makeup I could possibly every need and I still want more. What can I say, I am a girl, makeup is an outlook for me. I love being able to play with makeup and do new looks with different colors and products. I always have an ongoing wish list of multiple things. Today I am sharing my items I am currently wanting. Beware, you may want to spend some money. PS! I am sharing my thoughts on two of my new favorites at the end.  Read more

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