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In 25 Days of Christmas 2017, Vineyard Vines on
December 11, 2017

Holiday Wear: Vineyard Vines

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Today is the LAST day for 25% off $50 + additional 40% off Sale items! & FREE SHIPPING ON ANY ORDER!

Today I am sharing a few Holiday Outfits to wear all from Vineyard Vines! I am loving all the Holiday plaids and gorgeous outfit pieces. These all speak for their selves and this is the perfect time to purchase one if you have been having an eye on it!
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In 25 Days of Christmas 2017, Vineyard Vines on
December 5, 2017

Holiday Wear: Christmas Cozies

Vineyard Vines has been knocking off the fuzzy socks with their pajamas! Today I am sharing my favorites of them. Either you like plaid, a sleep shirt, or pajama pants; Vineyard Vines has you cozied up! Time to get you some Christmas cozies, head over to Vineyard Vines to get one of these adorable pajamas. I have the sleep shirt and love it. Perfect quality and so simple! The sleep pants come back each year which you know that they are amazing! Read more

Friday Favs | Tassels and Trends

Spring and Summer so many new trends come out. Tassels have always come and gone, this year they are taking another takeover. I have a few pieces from last year that have tassels and this year my tassels collection is growing. A lot of my longer necklaces I wear always have a tassel detail, a few bracelets of mine have the tassels, then I have a dress, top, and shorts that all have tassels! Read more

In Other than Lilly, Vineyard Vines on
April 10, 2017

Vineyard Vines Shirts for Days

I have made it official that I only wear two comfy t-shirt brands. Vineyard Vines is the top one, PINK is the second one. Vineyard Vines is the best t-shirts to wear year round, especially the holiday ones! Since spring is here, I love looking at the upcoming Summer designs to have. Today I am sharing my top picks of the t-shirts that are online NOW! Read more

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