What a crazy time it has been lately! How are you holding up? 
During this time of feeling like the world is in a big scare, it is important to find things to keep yourself busy at home. I have been doing things that I have put off for so long and getting them done!

It may not feel like spring is here, but it has hit the stores! I always love spending some time at work trying on some of the new arrivals! Here are some items that I just HAD to try on! I love all of these and would not complain if they were in my closet to wear right now! 
Let me know what your favorite is!

Who else is a Bachelor Nation FAN! I am! 

This advice is solely coming from someone who just watches the show every Monday night (and bonus nights). I have come up with so many things I'd LOVE to share with all of the ladies on the show. 

I have always loved any holiday that comes around, going down the candy isles and finding all the sweets I DON'T need! I have been wanting Lilly Pulitzer to come out with more Holiday prints so I can wear it when the time comes. This year they met my Valentine's Day needs with the print Lilac You A Lot. Who else is obsessed with the adorable quotes and items they added in the print. I ordered the Elliana Pullover this past Saturday for the preorder and hope it comes this week! However, I ordered my usual size and so many people are saying it ran small! Fingers crossed it looks okay on me!
Happy 2020! It is a new year and a new decade. Over the past year, I have gained some new favorites I will bring into many years. I wanted to share these items that I have been in love with!

This is one print I couldn't wait for it to release. A print with DOGS! YES PLEASE!
I am obsessed with Lilly Pjs and thought these are super cute! These would be great gifts for the holidays coming up. I personally will probably buy these and want the blanket so bad!

It has been well over a year since I have written a blog post. Today, I wanted to do a simple post of Target's selection for Christmas decorations! Some of these I already have from years pasts and the majority are on my list to purchase this year!

I recently caved in and purchased my first Barrington bag. I can't believe it took me this long to finally buy one! Today I wanted to share some pictures of the one I purchased and give you a review of it!