So we all have given and received gifts before, right? Yes.

We all have gotten a gift wishing we didn’t get and we had to do the whole “Oh my gosh, I love it!” fake act. And we all have given something from out box full of stuff to regift to someone else.
What if we always had the perfect gift idea?

My thoughts on gifts are that they shouldn’t be so stressful! I hate shopping for someone and I don’t want to get someone something they wont enjoy or want.
And I feel like it's always a day or two before time to give a gift and you have nothing in mind to give!

So one gift I thought of that is endless and will always be a great gift is a gift card!
That simple! No stress if they like it or not. Because who doesn’t love money on a card for a certain place.

The best feeling is when you open it up and lets say its to a store at the mall you have always wanted to buy something there and just never gave it. Then you have a card to at least get something from there and no shame for buying it.
Plus you know what you like, no one knows any better!

Everyone will always love a gift card for iTunes or for Starbucks!
And no need to spend a fortune because you only have to spend $5-$15!
Which that is not bad at all!

So these are just my thoughts on gifts. Gifts can be very tricky if you don’t know what to get. So if you’re struggling, just go get a gift card! Plus side; every place has them!
My experience with the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale was Great!!

I have never shopped a Lilly online Sale yet, so for my first it was amazing!
I literally can not wait till the New Year Cheer Sale

So my whole experience:

I was able to go on maybe around 5 after 8 (I didn't have to wait as long as I imagined)
I had two laptops, two iPhone, and a tablet all ready.
I only made orders on the laptops, I was so crazy excited I forgot to use all devices
I already had my account ready and logged in and credit cards ready and shipping information.

-I recommend!

While I was browsing/Shopping I would narrow the results to only my sizes. It was too sad to see what wasn't in my size.

My top items I wanted:
-Lobstah Roll Popover
-anything in Nice Tail

What I got from

Lobstah Roll Delia Shift $79

Would have been $178


She She Shells Janice Shift $69

Would have been $198

Nice Tail Hayley V-Neck Dress $54

Would have been $138

Murfee Scarf in Pop $29

Would have been $118

Skinny Bow Tie Belt in Pink $19

Would have been $48

What I got from
Lobstah Roll Popover $89.60 (free shipping and no tax)

Would have been $148 (On Lilly site it was less than 50 :()

Everything plus tax total: $354.60
Actual total without tax: $808

Why I got the popover from Zappos?
As I would try to add the popover in my size to my cart on Lilly it instantly sold out.
I was really sad about that so afterward I went on a huge hunt for it. Asked many people for help, I called like 10 signature/Lilly Pulitzer stores and all sold out or didn't have my size.

I knew Zappos had it, and it was $90 so that's why I tried many places before spending a little more than I wanted to buy it. Today I officially said I needed it in my collection and bought it.

I have completed my After Party Sale shopping Spree today! I'm so excited to get everything!

As I was looking at everything they did have a lot of items from last year
Tons from spring and summer this year
the only thing I never spotted was this dress:

This was my easter dress and I knew tons of people wanted it but I never saw it on the site. unless they sold out instantly

Thanks for reading! Hopefully, this may help for newbies when the New Year Cheer Sale comes around!

Keep It Classy and Preppy

So I've always been curious about spotify
Then I saw the deal about it's only $4.99 per month for college students! Instead of $9.99 per month
All you have to do is submit a document showing that you are a student

So I took on the deal
You are able to listen to their radio stations without ads

And create your own playlists
You just have to sync the music with wifi and then you can listen to the music later without wifi or data.

And you can have as much music as you want! Any music every song you could think of!
Just thought I would let someone else know about this deal!


4:32 AM, in
This is just a small picture of my outfit today.

I love this whole outfit. The shorts plus the belt is a perfect combination, the white jacks and matching color shirt is just a double bonus!

Shorts: Lilly Pulitzer

Shirt: Lilly Pulitzer

Shoes: Jack Rogers

Belt: Target



Keep it Classy and Preppy

XOXO Morgan



Top: J.Crew Factory

Shoes: Jack Rogers

Pants: Lilly Pulitzer

Necklace: J.Crew Factory

Hope you like the pictures :)

Keep it classy and Preppy

XOXO Morgan

All through middle school to high school I always had outfits from every trend or style. My senior year of high school I decided I wanted to find my own style. I knew that I loved everything preppy including J.Crew and Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade and Jack Roger etc So when I got two jobs during my second semester of senior year I invested in a lot of preppy statements or essentials and I cannot see my style without everything I got. I got rid of a lot of clothes that I never wore much or didn't care for. And the motivation to give away the old stuff was for much more room for Lilly or Jcrew! So heres a look of my first Lilly dress Ps. My mom actually found it at a thrift store for only $8!


XOXO Morgan