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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My experience with the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale was Great!!

I have never shopped a Lilly online Sale yet, so for my first it was amazing!
I literally can not wait till the New Year Cheer Sale

So my whole experience:

I was able to go on maybe around 5 after 8 (I didn't have to wait as long as I imagined)
I had two laptops, two iPhone, and a tablet all ready.
I only made orders on the laptops, I was so crazy excited I forgot to use all devices
I already had my account ready and logged in and credit cards ready and shipping information.

-I recommend!

While I was browsing/Shopping I would narrow the results to only my sizes. It was too sad to see what wasn't in my size.

My top items I wanted:
-Lobstah Roll Popover
-anything in Nice Tail

What I got from lillypulitzer.com:

Lobstah Roll Delia Shift $79

Would have been $178

She She Shells Janice Shift $69

Would have been $198

Nice Tail Hayley V-Neck Dress $54

Would have been $138

Murfee Scarf in Pop $29

Would have been $118

Skinny Bow Tie Belt in Pink $19

Would have been $48

What I got from zappos.com:
Lobstah Roll Popover $89.60 (free shipping and no tax)

Would have been $148 (On Lilly site it was less than 50 :()

Everything plus tax total: $354.60
Actual total without tax: $808

Why I got the popover from Zappos?
As I would try to add the popover in my size to my cart on Lilly it instantly sold out.
I was really sad about that so afterward I went on a huge hunt for it. Asked many people for help, I called like 10 signature/Lilly Pulitzer stores and all sold out or didn't have my size.

I knew Zappos had it, and it was $90 so that's why I tried many places before spending a little more than I wanted to buy it. Today I officially said I needed it in my collection and bought it.

I have completed my After Party Sale shopping Spree today! I'm so excited to get everything!

As I was looking at everything they did have a lot of items from last year
Tons from spring and summer this year
the only thing I never spotted was this dress:

This was my easter dress and I knew tons of people wanted it but I never saw it on the site. unless they sold out instantly

Thanks for reading! Hopefully, this may help for newbies when the New Year Cheer Sale comes around!
Keep It Classy and Preppy

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