Need a great gift idea?!

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So we all have given and received gifts before, right? Yes.

We all have gotten a gift wishing we didn’t get and we had to do the whole “Oh my gosh, I love it!” fake act. And we all have given something from out box full of stuff to regift to someone else.
What if we always had the perfect gift idea?

My thoughts on gifts are that they shouldn’t be so stressful! I hate shopping for someone and I don’t want to get someone something they wont enjoy or want.
And I feel like it's always a day or two before time to give a gift and you have nothing in mind to give!

So one gift I thought of that is endless and will always be a great gift is a gift card!
That simple! No stress if they like it or not. Because who doesn’t love money on a card for a certain place.

The best feeling is when you open it up and lets say its to a store at the mall you have always wanted to buy something there and just never gave it. Then you have a card to at least get something from there and no shame for buying it.
Plus you know what you like, no one knows any better!

Everyone will always love a gift card for iTunes or for Starbucks!
And no need to spend a fortune because you only have to spend $5-$15!
Which that is not bad at all!

So these are just my thoughts on gifts. Gifts can be very tricky if you don’t know what to get. So if you’re struggling, just go get a gift card! Plus side; every place has them!
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