The After Party Online Sale

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The time when you start making a list of items you missed a chance buying and prints you want more in. 

I have seen many questions about the after party sale that happens twice a year online Lilly Pulitzer. 

The online sale is the best thing that I have ever came across when it comes to Lilly. 
I have gotten roughly around 5-10 items from the sales, depends what I am wanting and how much I have saved. The online sale is what gets my collection growing and growing! If you are curious how much to have saved up, I would recommended you having 300-600 saved because the deals are crazy awesome! 

I would have a list of what you want and what you want first! For instance if your wanting popover or Callahan shorts you better search it the moment you get on the site and when you search go ahead and narrow down the search by your sizes so you don't waste time trying to buy something not in your size and not get tempted by missing out on it as well 

Going on with the search option is the BEST thing because you can get to your top wants/needs asap; it is crazy how fast things go. 
Like always buy an item at a time because it is always free shipping plus you are not guaranteed till purchased! 

Don't just buy from also check:
And call any Lilly boutiques you can think of! They will help you! 

Last tip and probably best go to local store in advance and try on anything (style wise) your interested In and make lists of your sizes and how you liked them for instance:
Popover size medium
Callahan shorts 6 
Elsa top size small 
Beach pants large
Just an example so when your online you don't order two sizes of one thing to see if it will fit because you can't return the items.
And if you ever hesitate about a size, I always say with high end clothes size up if scared! 

This is a lot but I hope it helps out!!