30 things

Monday, June 1, 2015

Hi! My name’s Morgan, but you might have seen me as darlinginlilly on instagram. I’ve been wanting to create a blog for so long and never could get it just how I wanted! So here's another try once again I thought I’d share a list of thirty of my favorite things to maybe help you get to know me better!
1. Shopping
2. Music that makes me feel like a vampire (go to my Spotify playlist: Vampire Diaries)
3. Netflix
4. TV show Friends
5. My actual friends
6. Wednesday night Bible Study
7. Birthday Cake ice cream
8. Lipsticks
9. My Honda Civic
10. My middle name Annette
11. My mom
12. My Jack Russell, Olive
13. The Vineyard Vines Whale
14. The beach
15. Sunscreen smell
16. Chapstick
17. Lilly Pulitzer
18. Clothes
19. Laying in bed during a big summer thunderstorm
20. Organizing my room over and over again even if not needed
21. Sticky notes with motivation quotes, quotes or just reminders
22. Jcrew factory because actually Jcrew can make me go broke
23. Jack Rogers are my favorite shoe even though breaking them in is a painful process
24. The way the perfume Beach by Bobbie Brown smells like perfect sunscreen
25. Getting free Starbucks drinks because having a Gold card is the best
26. A grande mocha frappe with 5 pumps of mocha and no whip
27. The way a happy dog jumps up on you when you walk through the door
28. Birthdays
29. Going to a theater to see movies
30. Having weekly dates with my best friend

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