Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The things or reasons I love Lilly Pulitzer 🌴😍

1. The colors suit my personality perfectly

2. It's like playing iSpy every time a new print comes out

3. Every collection no matter what season, makes me feel like I'm at the beach or its summer

4. All the pinks and blues

5. Having the Fluorescent tag attached makes me smile

6. The materials and Pique 😍

7. How it fits my curvy body perfectly

8. So many options in style

9. Each print has a story

10. Learning the names of the prints

11. How you can spot a Lilly anywhere you go

12. The community of Lilly girls

13. If you out grow a piece of no longer what something of Lilly most likely can resale to get what you paid for

14. Every season the prints just make you fall in love all over again

15. In general who wouldn't love Lilly Pulitzer?


  1. Thank you!!! I got the hair tie at jcrew factory and then ordered the monogram ☺️

  2. thats awesome!! i will have to check that out

  3. Oh these are all great reasons! :)

    XO Paulina