Things I Rather Be Doing Right Now

in , by Darling In Lilly, 12:58 AM
1. Laying on a towel on a hot breezy summer day on some sand at a gorgeous beach sipping out of my Lilly Big Flirt coozie with a chill Dr. Pepper inside

2. Walking through a bright color store with pinks and greens and having many Lilly items to try on

3. In the J.Crew Factory dressing room trying on cute coordinated preppy outfits

4. Sitting in the comfy chair at Starbucks drinking my grande mocha frappe with 5 pumps of mocha and no whip listening to their playlist and enjoying the quietness

5. Watching Friends on the soft cool leather couches in my living room with one of my best friends, my mom

        XOXO Morgan

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