Summer Blues...

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Am I the only one having a phase of summer blues...

Labor Day is next weekend! Sadly that means, Summer is coming to an end... I love summer but I also LOVE Fall! So I thought I would mention things I am trying to do before summer ends officially and before it's too late!

This post also is some what a recap of how my summer went - you will see pictures I have post on my Instagram over the summer!

WHITE: Some follow this rule, some don't. I personally do! So I will be wearing my white linen pants, jeans, and especially my white Jack Rogers!


COLD DRINKS: I love my Starbucks year round. But during Summer I love my Mocha Frappuccunio from Starbucks - so once its chilly, no more cold drinks for me!


BRIGHT LIPS: I love my bright pink lipsticks and all the colored lip balms for summer so I need to wear them before its too late!


SHORTS: Where I live once it gets cold, I never wear shorts (only comfy gym shorts). So it is time to say goodbye to the bright Lilly shorts.


BRIGHT PURSE: I love my bright neon hot pink purse from Kate Spade Outlet, so I need to make sure I carry it with all the outfits I can before fall!



I survived my third Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale! It was just as thrilling as the other two! The pictures below are everything I got along with the prices and how much they would have been! If any questions about my experience just let me know!


Treasure Riley Infinity Loop Scarf:
Paid $29→Would have been $78

She Got Sole Murfee Scarf:
Paid $34→Would have been $118


It's a Date Crossbody Bag:
Paid $34→Would have been $88

Alley Gator Cuff Bracelet:
Paid $19→Would have been $68

Sea Treasure Cuff Bracelet:
Paid $19→Would have been $68

Tortoise Shell Game Cuff:
Paid $29→Would have been $68

 Tops & Bottoms


Island Coral Treasure Odette Long Sleeve Tunic:
Paid $44→Would have been $98

Ms Behave Jodie V-Neck Printed Top:
Paid $24→Would have been $58

Don't Be Shellfish Linen Beach Pants:
Paid $59
→Would have been $128

Pinchers Picnic Engineered Higgs Hooded Tunic Cover-Up:
Paid $39→Would have been $118



Treasure Keene Convertible Bandeau Bikini Top:
Paid $29→Would have been $78

Treasure Sandi String Bottom: (also bought from someone local to me)
Paid $30→Would have been $68

Over all I paid $389

Would have been $1,036

SAVED $647


So for today's post I have another wish list with items that are available now!
Below will be photos each item and where to find them will be at the bottom of the page!
These items remind me of how close fall is! I love fall time - all the vests, boots, and leggings! If you like this post come back Thursday for my Fall Essentials!!

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Hope you enjoyed this kind of post and if you like it let me know!
Don't forget - Thursday will be my Fall Essentials post!

J.Crew Quilted Puffer Vest // J.Crew Quilted Jacket // Lilly Pulitzer Wright Trapeze Shift Dress // Lilly Pulitzer Skipper Popover // Vineyard Vines Licensed Whale Long Sleeve // Krass & Co Martha's Vineyard Shorts // Mr. Claybrooke Bracelet by Kiel James Patrick // Bit Link Bracelet in Gold by Pink Pineapple // Toms Navy Canvas Classics

We all have that daily skin care routine and we all have different skin types. I don't believe one product will work amazing on everyone's skin. But I do think there are products that can work pretty good for similar skin types.

My face and my legs react differently for each other. My legs are sensitive so I have to use sensitive shave cream and certain lotion after I shave. My face is a little oily but not too much. I don't have to wash my face twice a day. I only wash it when I'm in the shower. If I washed it any more I think it would get too dry and break out.

Now here are some products I've been using for a while and I've been loving them!


I'm not particularly picky on my razor as long as it's not the disposable kinds. I just need a razor where you change the blades when needed.


The shave gel I use is Aveeno sensitivity smooth. Aveeno is a great brand for skin products, my mom and I love them! I have not had any issues with this gel so far!
The lotion I use after shaving is this Nivea in shower Body Lotion for very dry skin. I love this! It's a neat concept for being able to put lotion on right after you shave so you also don't forget to put it on as much! All you do is put it on when you want and you wash it off! It is slippery so you have to be careful not to put it on your feet or you will slip!


I live by these Neutrogena makeup remover wipes! I use them to remove my makeup every night. I even use them to just clean off my face if it feels dirty. It removes all waterproof makeup easily and the tricky eyelash glue!


This face wash is amazing! I got this sample size a year ago when my mom purchase some items from LancĂ´me and I've been using it since then! Also, for it to only be 2.0 FL OZ size bottle and using it for over a year, it has lasted a long time! All I use is a little amount (smaller than pea size) and just rub all over my face. A little goes a long way!


After I've washed my face in the shower, I apply this all over with a pea size amount. It's moisturizing and makes my face feel smooth after using it!


This is a new product for me actually! It's from Lush Cosmetics called Buffy body butter. I use it in the shower on my arms where I have small bumps and I've notice some improvement with it going away - as long as I don't mess with it! I love the smell of this bar and it has so many reviews on Lush!