APS Haul Summer 2015

Thursday, August 27, 2015

I survived my third Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale! It was just as thrilling as the other two! The pictures below are everything I got along with the prices and how much they would have been! If any questions about my experience just let me know!


Treasure Riley Infinity Loop Scarf:
Paid $29→Would have been $78

She Got Sole Murfee Scarf:
Paid $34→Would have been $118


It's a Date Crossbody Bag:
Paid $34→Would have been $88

Alley Gator Cuff Bracelet:
Paid $19→Would have been $68

Sea Treasure Cuff Bracelet:
Paid $19→Would have been $68

Tortoise Shell Game Cuff:
Paid $29→Would have been $68

 Tops & Bottoms

Island Coral Treasure Odette Long Sleeve Tunic:
Paid $44→Would have been $98

Ms Behave Jodie V-Neck Printed Top:
Paid $24→Would have been $58

Don't Be Shellfish Linen Beach Pants:
Paid $59
→Would have been $128

Pinchers Picnic Engineered Higgs Hooded Tunic Cover-Up:
Paid $39→Would have been $118


Treasure Keene Convertible Bandeau Bikini Top:
Paid $29→Would have been $78

Treasure Sandi String Bottom: (also bought from someone local to me)
Paid $30→Would have been $68

Over all I paid $389

Would have been $1,036

SAVED $647

My Favorite Skin Care Products

Saturday, August 22, 2015

We all have that daily skin care routine and we all have different skin types. I don't believe one product will work amazing on everyone's skin. But I do think there are products that can work pretty good for similar skin types.

My face and my legs react differently for each other. My legs are sensitive so I have to use sensitive shave cream and certain lotion after I shave. My face is a little oily but not too much. I don't have to wash my face twice a day. I only wash it when I'm in the shower. If I washed it any more I think it would get too dry and break out.

Now here are some products I've been using for a while and I've been loving them!


I'm not particularly picky on my razor as long as it's not the disposable kinds. I just need a razor where you change the blades when needed.


The shave gel I use is Aveeno sensitivity smooth. Aveeno is a great brand for skin products, my mom and I love them! I have not had any issues with this gel so far!
The lotion I use after shaving is this Nivea in shower Body Lotion for very dry skin. I love this! It's a neat concept for being able to put lotion on right after you shave so you also don't forget to put it on as much! All you do is put it on when you want and you wash it off! It is slippery so you have to be careful not to put it on your feet or you will slip!


I live by these Neutrogena makeup remover wipes! I use them to remove my makeup every night. I even use them to just clean off my face if it feels dirty. It removes all waterproof makeup easily and the tricky eyelash glue!


This face wash is amazing! I got this sample size a year ago when my mom purchase some items from LancĂ´me and I've been using it since then! Also, for it to only be 2.0 FL OZ size bottle and using it for over a year, it has lasted a long time! All I use is a little amount (smaller than pea size) and just rub all over my face. A little goes a long way!


After I've washed my face in the shower, I apply this all over with a pea size amount. It's moisturizing and makes my face feel smooth after using it!


This is a new product for me actually! It's from Lush Cosmetics called Buffy body butter. I use it in the shower on my arms where I have small bumps and I've notice some improvement with it going away - as long as I don't mess with it! I love the smell of this bar and it has so many reviews on Lush!


Scale Back?

Thursday, August 20, 2015

It may just be me, BUT I have always wanted to be a mermaid! Then this dress came out! And now I feel like one in this Scale Back Shift Dress! It is from the Fall Lilly Pulitzer 2015 Line, the material is called Scuba Ponte which is 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex. It reminds me of a bathing suit material and Nike running pants material. It is very stretchy as shown in a picture below. The scale print all over is just stunning with the blues and greens. I am a size 8 or 10 in regular Shift dresses and I got a size Medium and I thought it fit great! I hope you enjoy these pictures and if any other questions about this dress just ask me in the comments or email me!

Hope you enjoy this post and hopefully you will come back again!

Stay Classy and Preppy!

How I Style - 5 MORE outfits with White Jeans!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Todays post is a continued topic from Saturday's post. Back to school outfits featuring white jeans! These are just outfits I think you can dress up or keep it casual for school or work. I have four Lilly Pulitzer tops and one Vineyard Vines top in this post - which was not planned haha. Hope you enjoy this post and get some inspiration for school!
White Jeans - Lands End

How I Style - 5 outfits with White Jeans

Saturday, August 15, 2015

It is back to school time! Okay so school is Monday for me and if I'm not the only one but I think of a lot of outfits for the first week!  Well I have ten for you! Today is just the first five and Tuesday is the next five! All featuring one thing: White Jeans!

New Lilly Pulitzer Fall Arrivals

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Hey there! Today’s post is all about the new Fall 2015 Lilly Pulitzer line that released recently. These are some things I tried on and thought I'd share how they looked on and my opinions on them! Especially since I know a lot of people are curious how things fit. So to get the idea of how my body type is, so you can understand how things fit on me; I am roughly 5’ 5, I am curvy with big thighs, and I am a 34 DD in bust. I will tell you what sizes I tried on and how they fit on me below.

in Canopy Green Im No Angel

Im wearing a size Medium in the shorts and XL in the top because they did not have a Large. The shorts fit perfect! I wear a medium in their beach shorts, large in pants, and either a 8/10 in Callahan shorts (or Buttercup shorts). The top was a little big on me but I would have needed a Large. I loved these shorts! Just a close up picture of them! They reminded me of Nike Shorts but without the lining inside.

in Canopy Green Im No Angel
These pants were gorgeous! I love this fun print, I tried on a size 8 (they did not have a 10) - I would have liked to try on the 10. The 8 did fit but felt a little tight, not too much but for more comfort I would have gone with a 10. Just a reminder (incase you did not see above) I wear a large in beach pants or palazzo pants, and a 8/10 in shorts.

in Sea Blue Lillys Lagoon
  This dress is beautiful, I love it so much! The Blue version of Lilly Lagoon is so pretty, I like it better than the original colors. This dress was so flowy and beautiful on. I tried on a medium, (which is what I am in t-shirt dress or Palmetto/ Marlowe dresses) it did have extra room because it was flowy. I did think it would be harder to pull off when it gets colder just because you wouldn't be able to put a cardigan or sweater over the sleeves.

in Poolside Blue Keep It Current
  So I love this print, Keep it Current, but this dress just wasn't for me. When I dress in the morning I put things on that are easy. This dress was cut weird around the arms where you could see a little bit of my bra - which was very unattractive. You can't see it in my picture, so if you love it and want it I suggest trying it on yourself to see the cut at the arms. It was very soft and comfy - reminded me of the popover material just thinner. I am wearing a medium which is true to size for me.

MARLOW SLEEVELESS TOP in Poolside Blue Keep It Current
This top is very cute on! I was surprised how the cut was at the bust. I thought it would have gone to revealing for me - especially with larger chest. This is a medium and I did find it a little tight on me for the chest. So I would size up to a large for more comfort.

in Blue Crush Bamboom   
This dress is just so cute and comfy! I love how you can dress it up or down easily! This is a size medium and it ran true to size for me!

in Bay Blue Give Em Shell
This is just like the Elsa top to me! It did have the buttons at the arms and other than that it is just like the Elsa! This is a medium, which is what I get in the Elsa top so it ran true to size.

in Blue Crush Bamboom   
Excuse the print mixing, but these pants are just perfect! I love how they feel like you are wearing pajama pants and they are super cute altogether! This is a size Large, which I like to get incase they do shrink up (which has happened to me before).

in Blue Crush Bamboom   I saw this dress and I love this print so I thought I would just try it on because why not?! It was cute on and comfy, but it just reminded me of a maternity dress. I don't know how to explain it, it was cute on and it did run true to size. This is a medium which is what I would wear.

in Resort White Long Story Engineered Colette
This is the same dress as the Lilly Lagoon one from above, I just love this dress so much! I need to get one or the other or both! If you like it online, just go ahead and buy it!! Below just shows what the back looks like.

Just wanted to mention this post was just my opinion on these items, I was not asked to do this post. I love Lilly Pulitzer and I thought it would be fun to give some help to others who have not tried on some of these clothes.
I hope you did like this post and hope you come back again. Also sign up with your email to get an email send to you when I post! 

Outfit of the Day! Feat. Lilly Buttercup Shorts

Friday, August 7, 2015

Here's a quick outfit of the day look - I went to my local Lilly Pulitzer Signature store to try on the new arrivals (come back tomorrow for a post about them)!



Hope you enjoyed this post and hope you come back again!

Stay Classy and Preppy!

Girls Best Friend

Thursday, August 6, 2015

We all have that one friend that can't speak to us with words but only lough noises. We all love them so much even when they beg for our food. And on those days it seems like they have more energy than everyone in the whole house put together. Well my best friend is Olive. She is a Jack Russell Terrier and her birthday is May 16th and she is ten years old. She may be ten but she acts just like a two year old. We think she was a runt of her litter because she is a rather short Jack Russell. I just thought I'd let you meet who a big part of my life and family is. Hope you enjoy these pictures of her and I through out the years.

Follow Me Shopping

Monday, August 3, 2015

So last week I had a week off from my babysitting job for over summer and my mom and I went to Southpark Mall in Charlotte, North Carolina. We had been planning to go to this mall for almost a year, and finally got to go! We live roughly an hour and half away so we left around nine in the morning and did not leave the mall till roughly six during the night.

APS Planning Summer 2015

We all know what this sale is. We all know what happens. We all want everything.

This, my friends, is the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale time of the year!

If you do not know what I am talking about, then let me sum it up for you...

Imagine all the items from Lilly Pulitzer you have either tried on or loved or items you wanted so bad but could not justify breaking the bank account for it. Well, ladies, you are safe. All you need is an electronic device or five, and you beautiful credit or debit card.

If you are still curious about what I am talking about, I will be straightforward.

Twice a year Lilly has an online sale that is similar to the warehouse sale but its all online. One happens couple days after New Years Day (which used to be called New Year Cheers Sale) and then one after summer close to many schools firsts days back (used to be called Endless Summer Sale), they have announced only three to five days before it happens. Over time people started researching and figuring out an estimated time when it will happen so they can be prepared mentally and financially. My strategy is that it will happen around the first Monday of January for the New Years sale and in summer it to be on the third Monday of August. Which it could change, we never actually know. So my guess for this year it to be on August 17th. So if you are reading ahead of time, you can get prepared now! Now within the sale the prices are around 40-70% off items. It ranges per item; it may be $70 for a Janice Shift Dress and then for a different print it may be $80 for a Delia Shift Dress. The prices range and are amazing! Imagine you are buying your first Lilly Shift dress, but you can’t spend the $198 on it, you could possibly get it for more than half off!

Now to be ready!

How much should I save up? - 

I like to know my budget and stick to it, now we all know once we still to something that means we have added ourselves roughly 30-50 wiggle room in case there is something we just had to have! I do make my budget roughly 200-250 that gives me enough to get at least 3-4 items.

What is actually going to happen the day of? - 

Lilly Pulitzer on the day of at roughly an hour before it happens they shut the whole site down. So if you have anything in your cart (thinking it will magically still be in your cart when you get back on with an awesome price) will be all gone. The site will be back on at 8 am EST which means some people have to either wait up all night because they can't sleep or others can just wake up and be ready (which will be me). Now one thing you do have to remember, imagine how many people will on this site at the same time all want the same things. So that means the site will crash or you will be in line to get on the site. Always happens. Now I have shopped two of the After Party Sales; one last summer (2014) and the New Years one (2015). The summer one for me was easy, nothing happened really it crashed for a little and went back to normal easily. The one at New Years, I messed up. I was perfectly fine and got couple things and then it got slow; thinking it was my laptop, I tried deleting my history and that logged me out on LillyPulitzer.com so then I got sent to wait in line and it took almost an hour before I could get back on! So that was my own fault sadly.

As I am mentioning that - the night before do these (or before they shut the site down an hour before):

~First! Clear History!

~Then, either make an account on LillyPulitzer.com or Log onto it!

~Have your account updated and correct; address, name, and credit card information!

~Lay out your card just in case and lay out your wish list items

~Have your laptop or phone or tablet or all of them ready and have Lilly pulled up and ready to go!

Okay, so the site is up! Now, what?

Once the site is up I suggest some tips, open many tabs with different areas like pants, dresses, tops, bottoms, etc. Then once you are on each tab I suggest using the search option that always worked the best with me. Then narrow the search by your size (so that way you don't see anything you can't fit-sadly). If you have couple things are your list that you MUST have I'd search those before you start looking around things go fast! And I do mean fast! And that I mean, you may have a pair of Callahan shorts in your cart and as you are going to hit the complete order button, they can be gone instantly. Has happened to me. The biggest way to get everything you want or you have put in your cart is you buy as you add to cart. Shipping is free so you need to make multiple orders. As soon as you put it in your cart- complete the order so you know it is yours!

Have I got you scared? I sure hope not... The After Party Sale is exciting and fun! It reminds me of a Lilly Hunger Games. May the odds be in your favor ladies.

Just a run through of the big tips:

  • Have account ready to go!

  • Be on the site and ready an hour before!

  • Have a set budget!

  • Make multiple transactions!

  • Use the search bar to find your must-haves!

  • Narrow search with your sizes!

  • Use many devices!

  • And have fun!

I hope this helps you find out what to do on the big day!

XOXO Morgan
Hebrews 6:19