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So I just finished my first year at a community college, yes I know it’s not the full college experience. But I am only going to there to save more money in the end! So that is my first advice: try to save money as much as possible when it comes to college!

Next, rent books! There is absolutely no reason why you should you pay full price for the textbooks! You may not barely use them anyways so no need to end up purchasing unless you know you will need to use them!

            Student discounts! You have that ID card for a reason treat it well! Anywhere you go ask if they have a college discount, it will not hurt for asking.

Have a friend with you along the way. That can mean so many things. Have a friend to walk to your next building with or a friend to just have to meet up with after classes. Or if you live on campus on a bigger school you have each other’s backs for multiple reasons and occasions.

If you have a Fitbit, just watch your steps go up and up daily! You will walk miles. Each of my classes is at least in different buildings. Not like in High School where you have one school building, there are countless buildings in College. I still haven’t gone to some at my school.

Studying is the key to passing. I learned my lesson about this. You have to practice and study to make the grades you want on tests, quizzes, and even homework. Teaches also help the ones out if they show hard work and dedication, it really pays off to just work your hardest from the beginning of the semester.

I will not say don’t take 8 o clock classes because I have to for my jobs. But I don’t love it; it is not fun getting up at 6:30 to get ready for the day. It is rough going with local school and work traffic, but I need to do it. So that brings me to, try to not skip classes as much as you want to. Missing one college class is like missing 2-3 days worth of work. Is that worth it for the extra hour sleep you got? I don’t think so or at least that’s me. Also some schools or professors have weird rewards for example if you only miss maybe one class they will drop either a quiz or test grade. Just depends on the school and professor, but it is worth the shot to have a bad grade dropped.

It’s crazy to think as I am writing this I am dreading school already. Why must summer end? Well that comes to my last small tip. Have fun! Yes I know its school, but keep your studies up, go to class and have fun! Get involved as much as you can! Don’t have too much fun where it affects your school or work, but try to be yourself and do the things you like as well.


LAST: Get yourself an agenda! One with enough space to plan and organize classes, work, and social life! It helps so much!!
I recommend Lilly Pulitzer agendas like these:


Hope this helps you any! And I hope you come back again!

Stay Classy and Preppy!
XOXO Morgan

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