New Lilly Pulitzer Fall Arrivals

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Hey there! Today’s post is all about the new Fall 2015 Lilly Pulitzer line that released recently. These are some things I tried on and thought I'd share how they looked on and my opinions on them! Especially since I know a lot of people are curious how things fit. So to get the idea of how my body type is, so you can understand how things fit on me; I am roughly 5’ 5, I am curvy with big thighs, and I am a 34 DD in bust. I will tell you what sizes I tried on and how they fit on me below.

in Canopy Green Im No Angel

Im wearing a size Medium in the shorts and XL in the top because they did not have a Large. The shorts fit perfect! I wear a medium in their beach shorts, large in pants, and either a 8/10 in Callahan shorts (or Buttercup shorts). The top was a little big on me but I would have needed a Large. I loved these shorts! Just a close up picture of them! They reminded me of Nike Shorts but without the lining inside.

in Canopy Green Im No Angel
These pants were gorgeous! I love this fun print, I tried on a size 8 (they did not have a 10) - I would have liked to try on the 10. The 8 did fit but felt a little tight, not too much but for more comfort I would have gone with a 10. Just a reminder (incase you did not see above) I wear a large in beach pants or palazzo pants, and a 8/10 in shorts.

in Sea Blue Lillys Lagoon
  This dress is beautiful, I love it so much! The Blue version of Lilly Lagoon is so pretty, I like it better than the original colors. This dress was so flowy and beautiful on. I tried on a medium, (which is what I am in t-shirt dress or Palmetto/ Marlowe dresses) it did have extra room because it was flowy. I did think it would be harder to pull off when it gets colder just because you wouldn't be able to put a cardigan or sweater over the sleeves.

in Poolside Blue Keep It Current
  So I love this print, Keep it Current, but this dress just wasn't for me. When I dress in the morning I put things on that are easy. This dress was cut weird around the arms where you could see a little bit of my bra - which was very unattractive. You can't see it in my picture, so if you love it and want it I suggest trying it on yourself to see the cut at the arms. It was very soft and comfy - reminded me of the popover material just thinner. I am wearing a medium which is true to size for me.

MARLOW SLEEVELESS TOP in Poolside Blue Keep It Current
This top is very cute on! I was surprised how the cut was at the bust. I thought it would have gone to revealing for me - especially with larger chest. This is a medium and I did find it a little tight on me for the chest. So I would size up to a large for more comfort.

in Blue Crush Bamboom   
This dress is just so cute and comfy! I love how you can dress it up or down easily! This is a size medium and it ran true to size for me!

in Bay Blue Give Em Shell
This is just like the Elsa top to me! It did have the buttons at the arms and other than that it is just like the Elsa! This is a medium, which is what I get in the Elsa top so it ran true to size.

in Blue Crush Bamboom   
Excuse the print mixing, but these pants are just perfect! I love how they feel like you are wearing pajama pants and they are super cute altogether! This is a size Large, which I like to get incase they do shrink up (which has happened to me before).

in Blue Crush Bamboom   I saw this dress and I love this print so I thought I would just try it on because why not?! It was cute on and comfy, but it just reminded me of a maternity dress. I don't know how to explain it, it was cute on and it did run true to size. This is a medium which is what I would wear.

in Resort White Long Story Engineered Colette
This is the same dress as the Lilly Lagoon one from above, I just love this dress so much! I need to get one or the other or both! If you like it online, just go ahead and buy it!! Below just shows what the back looks like.

Just wanted to mention this post was just my opinion on these items, I was not asked to do this post. I love Lilly Pulitzer and I thought it would be fun to give some help to others who have not tried on some of these clothes.
I hope you did like this post and hope you come back again. Also sign up with your email to get an email send to you when I post! 

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