Summer Blues...

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Am I the only one having a phase of summer blues...

Labor Day is next weekend! Sadly that means, Summer is coming to an end... I love summer but I also LOVE Fall! So I thought I would mention things I am trying to do before summer ends officially and before it's too late!

This post also is some what a recap of how my summer went - you will see pictures I have post on my Instagram over the summer!

WHITE: Some follow this rule, some don't. I personally do! So I will be wearing my white linen pants, jeans, and especially my white Jack Rogers!


COLD DRINKS: I love my Starbucks year round. But during Summer I love my Mocha Frappuccunio from Starbucks - so once its chilly, no more cold drinks for me!


BRIGHT LIPS: I love my bright pink lipsticks and all the colored lip balms for summer so I need to wear them before its too late!


SHORTS: Where I live once it gets cold, I never wear shorts (only comfy gym shorts). So it is time to say goodbye to the bright Lilly shorts.


BRIGHT PURSE: I love my bright neon hot pink purse from Kate Spade Outlet, so I need to make sure I carry it with all the outfits I can before fall!


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