Like I always say I love vests! And recently got this beauty from J.Crew and I love it! I can't wait to wear it all fall and winter! I love layering my vests with sweatshirts and long sleeve t-shirts and of course flannels!! Here is an outfit of the day for when it recently rained and I thought I would just show you what I paired with it! Be on the look out soon for more outfits with this vest!
You can click on this picture and it will directly take you to J.Crew if you would like to purchase it!//

To find out where my whole outfit is just go below and everything will be linked!


Jeans: Hollister - Right Now $25!  ; Vest: J.Crew ;
Umbrella: Vineyard Vines ; Bean Boots: L.L.Bean ; Shirt: Vineyard Vines


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How can a chambray shirt be worn so many ways? I think its crazy how each person can come up with different ways and all cute! These are just some of my creations I have either came up with myself or from inspiration most likely from Pinterest! Hope you enjoy these and get your own inspiration from them!

You can a get a J.Crew Factory Chambray below! By the way - I used ShopStyle throughout this post so I can easily show you products and the pictures. Also within a click of the picture it goes straight to where you can purchase! I made sure I added the prices so you can know before you go to the link!


Maroon Pants and Animal Prints:

I love how a simple cute shirt with colored pants goes great together and then the printed shoes just add such a cute touch! Most people have these items in their closet already, just need to put them all together!

These pants are so cute and comfy! I love the pop of color for this outfit! You can get them from J.Crew Factory. My Sperry's are so cute with this outfit, I love the touch of animal print it has! Here are some other options that have some animal print from Sperry!


This top was from J.Crew Factory last spring but below will be some other options that I think will be super cute as well!

Heels and Crossbody:

Chambray shirts are so easy to dress up! Just need to add a pair of heels with a statement necklace and you are good to go! Just don't forget that small bag on your way out to carry your lipstick, keys, and phone!

Vest and Riding Boots:

I love my Herringbone Vest from J.Crew Factory - I purchased last year but this year they have a grey one and I am in love with these Frye Riding Boots that I got from Nordstrom.

Bean Boots and Sweatshirt:

I love pairing my short sleeve Chambray/Denim shirt underneath a sweatshirt or sweater. I got this horse one from J.Crew Factory last year. But I have found some cute similar sweatshirts that would be cute down below.



 Love my Bean Boots with everything!!


This necklace is from J.Crew Factory from last year - down below are some other neutral statement necklaces I love from both J.Crew and J.Crew Factory!




Vest and Scarf:

This Lilly Pulitzer scarf is so cute and comfy plus it is not a heavy scarf (which I love!). I did purchase it from the Summer After Party Sale and they always have them online! I love this one (it is the same print as I am wearing just different colors and is an infinity scarf). Then this vest is also from J.Crew Factory (of course - my favorite vests!) Right now they have one similar but is more of a white instead of tan. My pants are Travel Pants from Lilly Pulitzer and Flats are from Target.



Dress and Rain Boots:

Ever want to dress up for a rainy day? Its possible! Just wear a simple t-shirt dress and add Chambray as an extra layer and belt it all together!



My dress is from Target - which is just a comfy t-shirt dress that was around $15. Then my rain boots (similar linked) and umbrella is from Vineyard Vines.


You can always wear a Chambray shirt with skirts! I love pairing mine with this cupcake skirt and I also love adding a paper bag skirt from J.Crew Factory! IMG_3796 I call this a Cupcake skirt. I love how it flares out and adds a flirty look! I did get this skirt from Target last year but I will link similar ones below!
From Target - but all black $25 From Express - on sale for $40 right now! From ModCloth - Popular for $45!


I hope you liked todays post and maybe got some fallspiration today! I can't wait to get more outfit planning done! If any blog requests just let me know! If you want to use my link for 15% off your entire order from Krass & Co click HERE!

Do you have one app you can not stay off of? I have many including Instagram, Pinterest, and Spotify! Pinterest has been an addiction of my for many years, I can't remember when I first joined. I would love to find out so I can document my addiction beginning. But besides that note I thought I would share my Love for Pinterest today. While you are here today go check out all my other boards on my Pinterest!

I love Pinterest and I am most likely on their every hour, if possible! I use it to search things instead of Google or Bing, I usually look up fashion and beauty related things and Pinterest has never failed me for that! I pin so many things and have over 70 Boards... Yes I may or may not be obsessed... But its my virtual wish-list for EVERYTHING. I even post a lot of pictures from my own Instagram and Blog on there. Here is a sneak peek of my Preppy Life board. Check out my other boards!

Follow Morgan's board Preppy Life on Pinterest.

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New Fall Shirts!

6:00 AM, in

I love long sleeve shirts from all the preppy brands! I love pairing them with either a vest and leggings or just on their own with leggings or jeans. But a must have to wear with them is riding boots or bean boots! Here are some new arrivals that I'm Loving!!

I will have all the links to buy these at the bottom!

Lauren James shirt are my favorite by far! I have so many from them already and they are so cute for a great price! Plus they always try to get so creative with their designs. I'm loving their newest releases with the College Football and the Lovely State collections!
583c7a51d3f874de4eeab47b908915a6 968f1c785248f67ced47e312400e9fdf
754278149d184c46edfb6a0cdd1dcde8Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 6.07.00 PM

This Jadelynn Brooke shirt is so cute! I love the bright pink and the elbow patches - plus if you love football this is perfect for those Friday Night Lights!
Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 6.06.28 PM

I love this Krass & Co Tee that just released this past week! I love the pocket that matches the back. And plus - it matches one of their best sellers Sailors Delight Shorts!Sd_White_3-01-700x700Sd_White_1-500x500

Lauren James:
Lovely State South Carolina Top - Plus More States!
Clemson Bow Top - More teams as well!
Clemson Stadium - More Teams also!
Lauren James EndZone Etiquette - 3 Color Options

Jadelynn Brooke:
Jadelynn Brooke Top only $39!

Krass & Co:
Krass & Co Top - 3 Color Options!
(use my link for 15% off - that means you get the shirts for $27
then the shorts for $38 and that is such a great deal!)

I hope you liked this post and enjoyed seeing some cute southern shirts for fall!
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I love Spotify and is the only way I listen to music, especially in the car! I try to update my Spotify playlists at least weekly! So I am going to share my September Playlist to you all! Hope you enjoy! Also let me know what you think of seeing my monthly playlists or even some of my other playlists!



Hope you enjoyed this kind of post for today! And hope you like some of my current favorites!
And if you would like to get 15% off your entire order from Krass & Co click HERE!

I usually don't do random posts like this but this is a movie I recently went to see and wanted to share my thought about. I think all women and men should see the The Perfect Guy, this was such a great movie that I now recommend to people to go see! I think everyone needs to see a couple of movies in their life; Taken, The Call, and now this movie!

I do not want to spoil the movie but I suggest you to watch the trailer and think about either going to see it or rent it once it's out!


To give you a sneak peek of the movie:
Don't let people know where you keep your spare key - unless you give them COMPLETE trust!
Learn how to say no!
Know how to leave quickly if needed!
Don't be scared to get cops involved!

My thoughts:
Loved every minute!
Had me on the edge of my seat!
Scared for the girl!
Now a must see for me!

I hope you enjoyed todays post and maybe you go give this movie a shot! I loved this movie and I hope you do to! More preppy posts after this one I promise! Just needed to share this movie with you!
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I love shopping, and what do I love not just as much but so close to it? A Haul!! I love seeing what people purchase and how much it was and if they got a great deal on it! I just find them so interesting and entertaining. Plus it helps my wish list items grow and grow. (which my wish list will forever be infinite items) But on that note, I thought I would share some things I have recently purchased, it's not much since the Lilly After Party Sale. But sadly I'm still trying to recover from that amazing sale!

Lilly Pulitzer Marlow Top - HERE

 Eddie Bauer Shoes - HERE (on sale right now!)

Urban Decay Lipstick - HERE (Rapture)

Vineyard Vines Shirt - HERE


Fall Essentials

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We all know that fall is approaching and I don't know if I am the only one but I love shopping ahead of time! Here are a few things that I consider Fall Essentials - and no it doesn't only mean fashion related ;)

Most of these pictures are from last fall of how I styled these pieces - I thought showing these photos show how I did it in many ways.


Bean Boots - more pictures below with these

Riding Boots - Frye

Pullovers (shep shirts and popovers)




Statement Necklaces

Navy Purse - Kate Spade



These are my favorite hot drinks
~Pumpkin Spice Latte
~Gingerbread Latte
~Cafe Mocha

I hope you like this post and hope you are excited for fall as much as I am!