A Look at My Pinterest!

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Do you have one app you can not stay off of? I have many including Instagram, Pinterest, and Spotify! Pinterest has been an addiction of my for many years, I can't remember when I first joined. I would love to find out so I can document my addiction beginning. But besides that note I thought I would share my Love for Pinterest today. While you are here today go check out all my other boards on my Pinterest!

I love Pinterest and I am most likely on their every hour, if possible! I use it to search things instead of Google or Bing, I usually look up fashion and beauty related things and Pinterest has never failed me for that! I pin so many things and have over 70 Boards... Yes I may or may not be obsessed... But its my virtual wish-list for EVERYTHING. I even post a lot of pictures from my own Instagram and Blog on there. Here is a sneak peek of my Preppy Life board. Check out my other boards!

Follow Morgan's board Preppy Life on Pinterest.

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