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I just love going to try on Lilly arrivals! I can spend the whole day trying on everything if I could! Anyways here a couple new items I tried on and thought I would let you know how I liked them and how they fit me! If any questions just let me know in the comments!

Today, these are all dresses in either size 10 or M or L/XL (caftan)
These were all the sizes I would normally wear as well!
Let me know if any questions!



This dress is so pretty on! I have the Perla Shift in Scale Back and love it - post here
I did think this dress would be hard to pull off unless you had an occasion or event to wear it. It was very dressy - probably hard to dress casual. But I love the material and the colors just as much as the shift I have!

I absolutely love this dress! I want it so bad now! I love all the colors and can't say enough about how amazing it is on! It is so comfy - no zippers down the back or side. The material is soft and comfy! I love the flowy feel it has where you can spin around in circles and feel like Cinderella spinning! I love this print as well I just got the murfee scarf in the other color set up and love it! I recommend trying this dress on to anyone!


I love how this dress is a shift dress but reminds me of a t-shirt dress also! It is a thick material and I love the button pockets on the front and the simple neck line.


I have never put on a Lilly dress and actually hated it.. Well this dress broke that pact. I did not like this dress at all on me! It was not forgiving at all to my curves and probably wouldn't be for anyone else! I thought it showed my lunch belly too much and made me uncomfortable! It was form-fitting and stretchy - but I like to feel confident in a dress not where I want to suck in the whole day!

This dress is not on but I did find it HERE
I do love this dress! It is so cute and comfy on and plus less than $100! I love that Lilly has dresses for a cheaper side! This print is one of my favorites - I got the Marlow top in it the other day (will be in a post soon!).

I love Delia Shift dresses so bad! This one fits perfect just like all the others. I love the neon detail down the front it brings all the bright colors together!

That is all for my post for today! I hope you like these kinds of posts where I take you with me trying on new Lilly items! I love taking pictures of what I try on so I can look back at them for reference for another day! So why not show you as well!

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