New Fall Shirts!

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I love long sleeve shirts from all the preppy brands! I love pairing them with either a vest and leggings or just on their own with leggings or jeans. But a must have to wear with them is riding boots or bean boots! Here are some new arrivals that I'm Loving!!

I will have all the links to buy these at the bottom!

Lauren James shirt are my favorite by far! I have so many from them already and they are so cute for a great price! Plus they always try to get so creative with their designs. I'm loving their newest releases with the College Football and the Lovely State collections!
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This Jadelynn Brooke shirt is so cute! I love the bright pink and the elbow patches - plus if you love football this is perfect for those Friday Night Lights!
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I love this Krass & Co Tee that just released this past week! I love the pocket that matches the back. And plus - it matches one of their best sellers Sailors Delight Shorts!Sd_White_3-01-700x700Sd_White_1-500x500

Lauren James:
Lovely State South Carolina Top - Plus More States!
Clemson Bow Top - More teams as well!
Clemson Stadium - More Teams also!
Lauren James EndZone Etiquette - 3 Color Options

Jadelynn Brooke:
Jadelynn Brooke Top only $39!

Krass & Co:
Krass & Co Top - 3 Color Options!
(use my link for 15% off - that means you get the shirts for $27
then the shorts for $38 and that is such a great deal!)

I hope you liked this post and enjoyed seeing some cute southern shirts for fall!
Don't forget if you order anything from Krass & Co use my link for 15% off your entire order!  CLICK HERE FOR MY LINK

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