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Today I am going to share my favorites for a daily makeup look. When I wear makeup, I never wear foundation or coverup. I usually go all natural, mascara is my main necessity and then my eyebrows need to be tamed. Below will be a selection of my favorite products to use daily for my makeup. These products change by different colors, but the brands rarely change.

I love both high-end and drugstore makeup, but above I have 8 out of 9 products are high-end. I could do a low-end favorites one day as well. But these are my holy grail makeup products. I love colorful lipsticks and eyeshadow on the days I feel like trying more.

-The Covergirl Clump Crusher mascara is one of my favorite mascaras, one day I will show all my favorite mascaras. I usually purchase it from either Ulta or Target - depends when I need it and where I go first.

-For my eyebrows I use the MAC eyeshadow in Mystery to fill in and for shape. After I use the Anastasia Brow Pomade to set and make more dramatic. I love both of these products so much and use the eyeshadow daily, then the pomade when I have more time to do my makeup in the morning.

-I use eyeshadows for when I want to feel more dramatic and add more personality to my makeup. I swear by Urban Decay eyeshadow. I have all the Naked Palettes and even have some single pots of Urban Decay eyeshadow. I am currently loving the Smokey Naked Palette for the fall time. I also show my favorite single eyeshadow, which is called Sin. It is a very popular favorite shadow from Urban Decay. I love to use it right after I apply my eyeshadow primer. It gives enough shimmer on the lids and is so pretty.

-Lipsticks are always going to be a weakness for me. I have so many already and when I go makeup shopping I am just drawn to look at new brands and colors. I love testing with lipsticks and trying new blog colors. For this fall I love two lipsticks, the MAC I love the color Plumful and then the Urban Decay, I love the color Rapture. Both colors are a purple shade but are able to wear not as bold, but with the perfect purple lip pencil underneath the darker the shade gets on my lips.

-Primer for my mascara is so important, I love my eyelashes to look big and bold. I love this primer from Tarte, it makes my lashes look incredible and I love the way they look with it!

-Highlighter is one of my newest favorites to use. This one from Urban Decay is rose gold and it gives a beautiful shimmer on the cheeks. I sometimes like to use a rose gold highlighter as a blush.
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