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These next few weeks I am going to show you how I style each pair of my boots that I have. I was going through my closet seeing how many shoes I have, I have a total of 7 pair of boots that I actually wear. So this week I am going to show you how I style my combat boots. If you have any suggestions for this series, let me know in the comments or email me at!

Here are some Combat Boots that I have found and where you can purchase it just within a click! I did purchase mine from Kohl's around two years ago. I can't find them anymore but below will be some similar or new ones I love!


Simple Fox Shirt - This fox printed shirt is from Urban Outfitters from two years ago. I have found some other cute fox printed shirts, I will put beneath these two pictures!IMG_5727 IMG_5728//

Colorful Plaid - I love plaid! And its a plus when its also a flannel! This flannel is from American Eagle and I have found one almost just like it that's from their brand Aerie!IMG_5757 IMG_5767

Military Jacket - This jacket is a perfect pair with combat boots! I love how it gives an indie look, I have found a couple jackets just like this one I am wearing what will be below these pictures!IMG_5768 IMG_5787//

Blanket Scarf - So many people love blanket scarfs! There are so practical for those chilly nights, you can wear it as a scarf and then if you get cold can use it as a blanket. This one I have is from Aerie and you can find them so many places!

Free People Sweater - Free People has such cute clothes and this sweater is just so cute! The back of it is all open and it fits almost like a poncho. I have found two other sweaters that are so cute that are also from Free People! This one is so cute on this model and I love how over sized it is. This sweater is almost like the one I am wearing, just not open back.IMG_5847

Over Sized Tee - I love how you can pair a simple t-shirt over a pair of jeans with combat boots, can make an outfit so cute and casual. This one is from Krass & Co, all of their shirts are so cute and add a touch of preppy! You can use my promo code to get 15% off your entire order -


Stay tuned on my blog soon for more of these outfits with pairing with a pair of boots.

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