How I Style - Riding Boots

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I love my Frye Riding Boots that are from Nordstrom, I got them during the Anniversary Sale over summer and love them so much! So todays post will be another post on my how I style my boots series. I haven't had much time to break them in yet, mainly because it really hasn't been cold where I live. But fall is finally kicking in here, hopefully it will stay! Below you can go directly to where you can purchase them, I highly recommend checking out Frye Boots! They are high quality and real leather, so that means they will last!



Keep Scrolling to see the outfits I pair my Boots with, hope you enjoy this post!

Shep Shirt

IMG_7102-1Vest from last year; Similar One // Top from Lilly Pulitzer last year; This one is just as cute!

IMG_7104-1Fox Sweater from few years ago; Similar One

IMG_7101-1Horse Sweatshirt from J.Crew Factory last year; Similar One

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