Thursday, October 22, 2015

For today's post I am going to take your through some of my recent Instagram posts - talking more about what is behind the camera (My iPhone).

Also - let me know how you like this kind of post. I've seen so many blog post like these, so I thought I'd give it a try!

So I have been obsessing over Lush Cosmetics - this is the Granny Takes a Dip bath bomb. I loved the way this one looked in the bath, how ever I wish it did more fizzing.

This outfit features two new things I got from Vineyard Vines, and this vest is currently on sale! Then I am wearing just a plain pink Shep Shirt. Also, I don't want to forget my new Bean Boots that I have been loving so much lately! I can't wait for it to get much colder and where I wear them almost everyday!

The Vest I am wearing in this outfit is the J.Crew Flannel Vest that I have shown it past posts, it is my top favorite now. I love vests, and this flannel touch, is just perfect for fall! Also! - It is now 25% off with the code - "SALETREAT" Then underneath my vest I am wearing a sweater from Vineyard Vines (which is now on sale!), which is 100% cotton. It is so soft and I love cotton sweaters, perfect for layering during fall time! Have you ever had a Longchamp? If not, you need to get one! This one is my current favorite out of all the ones I have, plus who doesn't love a navy purse?

This picture features my new Shep Shirt that was in my wish list post recently, from Vineyard Vines. I wanted this so bad and couldn't pass it up, plus got a new Lipstick from MAC in the color Rebel, I had this also on my wish list post!

So if you haven't checked out Krass & Co, you need to! Especially now because they just released yoga pants! And I can't wait to get mine in the mail! In this picture, I am wearing the Best Friend Shorts, which are so cute with the cute doggies on them, plus they match the Lauren James Girls Best Friend shirt! You can get these shorts for 20% off and the new pants also with the code "missyMAN"! Don't forget to check out the new yoga pants!

Boots, Boots, Boots! I just love boots, especially for fall and winter time! This picture featured just some of my boots that I love.

Have you checked out Montana Decals on Etsy? If not, you need to now! Theres a funny story about her, she lives in my town and I never knew her till I found out about her Monograms from Instagram. It's a small world! Anyways, I love her monograms and decals. The quality is awesome and she is so sweet; she does a lot of deals and offers for most of her products. The one in this picture is just a metallic gold one on a Starbucks cup that I got last year.

This is from my post when I just got my Flannel Vest and my new Bean Boots. I couldn't wait to wear them both so I put them both on just to take a picture!

Who doesn't love Vests?! They are all I want to wear during fall and winter. It's crazy to think my vest collection keeps growing and growing. These are from J.Crew and J.Crew Factory, the one with the snap buttons is from actually J.Crew. The Herringbone vest is one of the most popular ones, they keep bringing it back every year!

A trip to Starbucks is my kinda day. When I go out to Starbucks I make sure I bring along my Lilly Pulitzer notebook - which is for my blog. I write down all my ideas, and what I need to do for my blog. I love organizing and notebooks are my favorite!

A night out with a crazy cool sweater was the way to go this one night. This sweater is from Free People, but my wonderful Mom got it from a Goodwill! How awesome is that?! I just paired it with leggings and my newest Bean Boots.

This scarf is so gorgeous. The colors just pop and stand out and love how it looks with navy. I did get this during the After Party Sale in the Summer, but now they have a different color option this fall.

This is the complete outfit from above. I wore just a Target Navy long sleeve with Hollister Jeans, paired it with my Frye Riding Boots. To accessorize, my Kate Spade bag and Lilly Pulitzer Scarf.

Class wear: Vineyard Vines t-shirt, Krass & Co shorts, and Jack Rogers! What else would you WANT to wear?

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