Lilly Pulitzer - Resort 2016

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

So last week I posted some of my favorites from the newest release of Lilly Pulitzer Resort Collection. I went and tried on a few pieces to get an opinion on some, I did not try on that many but I figured a few couldn't hurt! So here are my opinions on the ones I tried on! I will be going back to try on some more items this Friday - if any you would like me to try on, just let me know!

VERANDA TUNIC DRESS - I could not say enough how much I love this dress! First it is similar material to popovers which makes it so comfy and warm! The white detail along the edge is so cute! This print also is so cute and simple for Lilly. I really want to get this dress now, if only I wore dresses more during the cold months.

ROSLYN TUNIC DRESS - How can a simple solid dress look so gorgeous? I do not see how Lilly does it. This is usually something I would not think about trying on, but I loved this. The detailing along the neckline and the tassels were so cute and of course, the NEON pink is perfect!

LINDEN A-LINE T-SHIRT DRESS - I wish I took a better picture of this dress, because I love this one. Plus side it is only $108! This print is so cute and simple - but this dress looks like it would be worth more than the price! I loved the material and how it looks on, definitely something I would want to wear on a casual shopping day.

MELIA DRESS - I had high hopes about this dress, I saw it online and saw the material of it and couldn't wait to try on. Since I love my Scale Back dress in this material, I did love the material of course - who wouldn't love comfy material for a dress!? But the cut of this dress just did not wow me. I love the zipper detail on the front and the flare idea, but for some reason there was not a spark between this dress and I.

OPHELIA SWING DRESS - I love this dress! The back of it is just so cute and flirty at the same time! Plus about the cutouts, you can wear a regular bra and it won't show! The material of this dress is so comfy and easy to wear. Definitely want this dress now!

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