Morgan Shops - Follow Me Around in Greenville!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

On Friday, my mom and I had a day off work and went off to Greenville. We had a girls day spent with shopping and eating some good food! To see what I did keep reading!

We first went to my favorite Lilly Pulitzer Signature store, Pink Bee! First off the place is so cute inside and out! The big pink door and the teal owning outside is so cute and bright, I just love it! Then inside is filled with Lilly Pulitzer, Vineyard Vines, Longchamp, Barbour, what more could you want in a store!? I tried on a few Lilly things, knowing I wanted to get something because I had a 20% off one item! If you sign up for their emails now, next year around this time you may get an email for this awesome deal. Plus signing up for the emails, they let you know all about their sales in store! While trying on some dresses, I would come out to show my mom and the ladies are were so sweet saying how the things I was trying on looked. Even recommended a cardigan, which made me buy it, that I am already in love with! Anyways, while trying on this dress, they wanted to take my photo to post on their Instagram! The ladies there always are so sweet and offer great personal customer service! They have always interacted with me and go out of their way to make me feel like family! I definitely recommend you to check them out!


We love going to eat at P.F. Chang's for lunch and getting the Dynamite Shrimp then their Fried Rice! The shrimp is so good! That's a lot coming from me, mostly because the sauce is hot and spicy but it's so good and addicting! Their fried rice is probably my favorite of all time! Also, if you take a picture at P.F. Chang's with their warrior horse and use the hashtag #PFChangsPink during the month of October, they will donate $1 to Breast Cancer Awareness! How awesome and great is that?!

Don't forget to check out Pink Bee and go to P.F. Chang's and post a picture with their warrior horse using #PFChangsPink to support the Breast Cancer Awareness!

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