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I Want This! - Christmas Wish List

So if you have followed my blog for a while, you most likely have seen that I love creating wish lists! Well this is just a grand big one now...
Each year I think about what would I want for Christmas around summertime, it just happens. Then by October comes around I start creating the actual list in my head and it sticks around till I write it down eventually. Today I will share what I would like for Christmas, with that being said this does not mean I will be getting everything I want. Money sadly doesn't grow on the trees in my backyard. Also I figured if you don't know what you want for Christmas, this may give you an idea what you can ask for! Also - what are you wanting for Christmas?! I want to know!

wishlist try 3

Victoria Secret - Night Perfume // Toms - Navy // Toms - Black Herringbone
  Barrington Gifts Tote Bag //Daniel Wellington Watch // Elaine Stud Earrings
Vineyard Vines Santa Hat Shirt // Plus Robe // PINK Sleep Shirts // J.Crew Sleep shirt




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