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Over the time in September I have come upon many new things; including brands, tips, websites, songs, and so much more. So today I have a post with the links of my favorites! I hope you like this kind of post and I am thinking about doing this monthly. If you like it let me know!

Spotify has been my way to ease all my worries and listen to some new music! This version of Wildest Dreams is absolutely amazing!  Then Unsteady is a beautiful song that I recommend to listen to!

This skirt that Sydney from Summer Wind, is wearing just reminds me of Christmas morning all in one skirt!

Have you seen this video from The Ellen Show? If not, watch it now, I definitely laughed out loud!


We always need something to get us through the day, sometimes it takes a lot of work. I found this picture that I thought could give some boost to my day. All my worries need to go away and just focus on Him.

I just became obsessed with Barrington Gifts! The bags are beautiful and so unique! I love the Deer printed one and of course the Herringbone one! I love all the prints you can get!

I have been loving Southern Curls and Pearls Blog. She is gorgeous and her style is perfect!

Speaking of blogs, Kate from A Lonestar State of Southern, has me excited for Christmas with her newest post.

How could I not mention the new beautiful and gorgeous Rose Gold iPhone 6s Plus! I can't wait till I can get one! Whenever I get one I will be buying this case immediately!

I've also been loving this playlist of mine, that I listen to daily. (Hence the name of the playlist!)
[spotify id="spotify%3Auser%3A1253491647%3Aplaylist%3A2DQ9lZ64ZwyclzBSHqOAFG" width="300" height="380" /]

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