Where Have I Been? - Update!

Friday, November 6, 2015

So, I apologize that I did not post anything yesterday. I was super busy this week with working late and babysitting for my neighbor, all came up so quickly and time got shorter. Yesterday I got a new upgrade for my phone, I finally got a iPhone 6s Plus Rose Gold! I have had an iPhone 5s for the past two years, and so happy I have a new phone! With that being said - better quality photos for blog!


Another big thing is that I am now a influencer for Rocksbox - which is a monthly subscription box to receive a highly curated box of designer jewelry to borrow for a monthly fee. Each month is $19 and you get $10 each month to go towards a piece of jewelry you would like to purchase that you have received in your box, which it will be discounted from retail price. Each box is to retail around $200 which is crazy to think about! If you would like to get your first month for free you can use my code - "darlinginlillyxoxo" and take the survey to get a box sent to you for free during the first month.


To look forward these next two months: I will be having some exciting holiday posts coming your way! I have been thinking about some post to do, so if any requests or ideas, PLEASE let me know in the comments! I would love to do some posts upon requests! Also what are you wanting for Christmas? And NO, it's not too early to have a Christmas Wish List!

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