3 Ways to Wear a Dress

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

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Like always, I got this dress from Pink Bee in Greenville, SC. I tried it on before but didn't get it the first time, well I finally got it on Black Friday for 20% off. I love the material of it, super comfy and feels just like the popover material! Each outfit I paired my Frye riding boots, that have been all over my blog before.

You can never go wrong with a vest! For my first outfit I paired my dress with a Lilly vest from last fall. But every fall they have these vests in different colors that are so similar each year.

The second way I wore this dress, is just the classic by itself! I love the neckline of this dress, so cute and flirty! I also added my Tusk in Sun bracelet that I got during the Colorful Friday GWP.

Then of course from my past blog post I wore my Marley Lilly blanket scarf! I love how you can wear a scarf with this dress when it covers up the details for create a whole different outfit.

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