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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

PS: (Yes, at the beginning) I will be posted screenshots of what the sale website looks like in a slide show, which will be at the bottom!

Or you can go to my Google Album Here:  https://goo.gl/photos/9WTyp5pwdLmSV8689

It is never too early to start preparing for the SALE. If you don’t have any clue what I am talking about – THE LILLY PULITZER AFTER PARTY SALE! The SALE that only happens twice a year! I mentally prepare my self for the sales year round! Well today, my excitement is going to be used to share my tips and tricks on how to MASTER the SALE! First off, we do not find out when the sale is until 3-5 days before hand! BUT! From past sales I am using my best judgement on when it will be! So if its later - you'll be super prepared! But my prediction it will start January 4th, 2016 8AM EST!

Also below I will link my posts that I have from the summer sale.

My advice to you:

  1. Be Prepared

    1. Spend Some Money

      1. All that Christmas money you received or gift cards for Lilly will go to great usage!

      2. So many great prices add up!

    2. For the site to crash or be slow

      1. Imagine – you are not the only Lilly crazy fan out in the world. Some people from other countries are just as excited!

      2. So many people and only one site!

    3. Know What You Want!

      1. The more you want – the harder it’ll be to get it all. If you limit to all you want or what do you “need” in your closet – the less you want most likely to more you will get of what you want!

      2. If you know what you want – you can just search that exact name instead of searching through pages and pages of beautiful (and tempting) prints.

    4. The Temptation

      1. I can’t tell you how many items I have bought just from the great price and because I once wanted it! Once I have completed my search for my must haves – I am guilty for staying on the site for hours just seeing what else there is (incase I missed one item the time before).

      2. While purchasing you need to remember – you CANT return items, however people are willing to pay what you paid on an item if you change your mind or if you accidentally buy 3 items you didn’t mean to buy (oops...)

      3. Do you really need all those dresses? Think about it while buying, what do you usually wear more? BTW: dresses was JUST an example! By that I mean, if you want to purchase some dresses for a great price – go towards the dress! Don’t buy anything you don’t need or want!


    1. Take the day off!

      1. Luckily this time of the year my classes start a week later! And then one of my jobs I have off the first day! So I am warning you now, if you can’t shop the sale the morning it starts – you may not get anything you want. It’s sad but true.

    2. Have your account on Lilly Ready to go!

      1. On LillyPulitzer.com have your account ready to go for the day! Go ahead and store your card or many cards to check out easy to guarantee your items!

      2. YES! That means if you have something in your cart – does NOT mean it’s completely yours yet! You can to complete your order!!

    3. Checking Out Process

      1. There is a line... The checking out process can be easy if used the right way. However over the summer, after each purchase you went to the back of the line and in a virtual line to get on the website. But the sales before this past summer, once you were on the site you stayed on the site, so you could make many transactions. My tip for you if the same rule applies this time (the virtual line - and being sent back in line after a purchase) is to have many devices available to use to shop!

      2. SHIPPING IS FREE - You may have more than one transaction, but you don't have to worry about any shipping charges!

1. Have account ready - have your card(s) saves
2. Just because it is in your cart - doesn't mean its guaranteed
3. Know what you are wanting - makes process easier
5. Have more than one or two devices to shop(laptop, desktop, phone, iPad,etc)
6. Don't get upset if you don't get everything you want!


  1. The night before: clear your history as soon as you are going to sleep

  2. Then once history is cleared, go to LillyPulitzer.com, log back in and make sure all cards are saved to your account!

  3. Get some sleep - especially if you have to wake up in the middle of the night if in different timezone.

  4. Wake up and have some fun! Don't forget the coffee and yummy snacks/breakfast to eat while waiting to get on site!

  5. Have your cards, gift cards, and wish list ready to go!

  6. Sounds silly, but have a table or your bed (a larger area) cleared off. Easy to keep all the devices you are using and lists within reach.

  7. I recommend getting on the site roughly 10 mins before it starts, then from 7:55ish I keep refreshing till 8 (or till I have a spot in line!)

  8. When it is GO TIME - limit distractions. Once you get on the site, you heart will race and the pressure is on.

  9. Last - Made the odds be in your favor....

If you have any other questions about the sale, ask me! I may have forgotten some advice - so ask if I know! This is an intense time so you need to be prepared!

Below is the slide show of all the screenshots I got from the Summer APS 2015, includes dress prices, minnies prices, and couple other items. Hope it gives you an idea of prices!

The Google Album again: https://goo.gl/photos/9WTyp5pwdLmSV8689

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