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Friday, December 25, 2015

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I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone who reads my blog! I am so thankful for everyone who has read or checked out my blog before! I love blogging and it has become an addiction of mine! I hope your holidays are filled with joy and cheer! At the end of the day, don't forget the true meaning of Christmas - to celebrate to birth of Jesus! I had the chance to speak during church on this past Sunday, it was fun to learn a little more than I knew about things involving that special night the Messiah was born! Can you imagine being a young teenage girl in the first century giving birth to the son of God!? I praise Joseph and Mary for showing true companionship and honor!

{ A little twist }

What do you do on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? Any traditions that go on through your family? Please comment and let me know! I would LOVE to hear (read) them!

My family doesn't have any traditions really, we just make sure we are spending time with family. For the past couple years, some things that I enjoy are:

  1. When my dog, Olive, LOVES to open presents. She usually starts the opening of gifts by tearing at someones nicely wrapped box. Each year we give her gifts as well, but hers is never enough!

  2. Mashed Potatoes from Costco! My mom always gets our favorite mashed potatoes from Costco that are only available around holiday times! I love them so much! Perfect amount of lumps also!

  3. One year, we didn't put up the Christmas tree, so instead of worrying about it we began to pile up all the presents to form the look of a Christmas tree. No, it didn't look beautiful, but the fun thought was pretty great!

  4. I can only remember one White Christmas. It was my first, and most likely won't happen in a long time where I live. It was crazy! It wasn't the magical white Christmas, when you wake up to a blanket of snow. It starting snowing during the morning and by the end of the day, I had my first White Christmas!

Over time, traditions never mattered to me. It was the small enjoyable memories that came each year. So on that note, what is your FAVORITE holiday/Christmas memory? Let me know!

Merry Christmas and enjoy this wonderful time of the year!
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