How I Style - Poncho and Maroon Purse

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I received this Kate Spade purse for Christmas this year! I've been wanting a purse in this wine color for a long time! I am so excited and thankful I was able to get such a beautiful purse for my gift! The color of this purse is called Mulled Wine, isn't is gorgeous? I love Kate Spade purses, however I've only had the outlet styles. This is my first real Kate Spade and beyond happy! Then of course like I said, the color is perfect!

With this outfit I style a poncho from LOFT, which by the way it's my moms! One awesome thing about being the same size of my mom! This is a super cute poncho and so comfy! It isn't a heavy material and very cute on! Then of course, what else do I wear other than my Sam Edelman Petty Boots? I think I already need another pair in a similar color so I can balance out how many times I wear these shoes! I can't recommend these shoes enough! They are so comfy, never hurt my feet! They go with EVERYTHING I wear! Under the poncho I am wearing a J.Crew Factory Chambray shirt, which is one of those perfect staple pieces to go with almost everything as well!

I also wanted to show you these super cute earrings my brothers girlfriend got me for Christmas! Aren't they cute!?!! I love them! I would never have thought wishbone earrings could be so stinking cute!!


I love the colors in this outfit, with the neutral color scheme and then the POP of color due to this gorgeous purse! If you would like to see some other Mulled Wine favorites of mine, just shop below and be warned, you may get obsessed!

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