Vest Up In This Cold Weather

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If you haven't seen this vest at J.Crew, you need to run quick to go check it out! This vest is adorable and perfect for whenever (if ever) the weather gets colder! It is called the Plush Fleece Excursion Vest, the fabric is really soft and comfy! I love how simple it is but with the right outfit - its super cute!

Where I am in these pictures - it's a kinda sad short story:
Behind my house we had woods for my whole life, until a month ago. The owner of the land had all the trees taken down (which is like roughly a hundred acres). Its been really sad the woods I grew up by being torn down, with all the deer and turkeys I have seen. My mom and I decided to see what the damage was and took advantage of the different background. I hate to see trees taken down and all the wildlife that took place in the woods will disappear.

Aside that note, I am loving this comfy outfit I paired with just a Vineyard Vines long sleeve, my Bison Bean  Boots, and FLEECE lined leggings (YES FLEECE)!! I love these leggings - the genius who created these, THANK YOU! These will be perfect for the colder months! Then of course, my bean boots are my obsession. I have two pairs and love the color of this pair! Then lastly, my Kendra Scott earrings that I LOVE! I am so glad I started getting Kendra Scott earrings, they are so cute and so trendy!


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