Oh Shucks

Thursday, November 17, 2016

The print name says it all, Oh Shucks I am obsessed with this dress! I love the oysters so much more than I thought I would! The blues and green just scream an ocean stuck in a print. When I first saw this dress, I knew I needed it! I love these Pima Cotton dresses, they are so comfy and perfect for layering for chilly days. 

Aerie is Holiday Ready

Sunday, November 6, 2016

I know, I know, it is crazy to already be talking about Christmas. It is a couple weeks before Thanksgiving and stores are bringing out the Christmas spirit! I love going on clothing websites and seeing a gift guide section with all the beauty products, accessories, and nic nacs! I have been thinking about what I want to get my friends for presents this year and Aerie has been a great place to look! I recently browsed to see what was some of the items, total surprised when I saw bath bombs and a bath fizzer! Aerie has a wide variety of items and prices to help find gifts for this Christmas to give. 

Bath Lovers: Have a big win from Aerie. There are so many products to help relax and make a bath great. I am a huge fan of Lush, but the closest store is over an hour away! I don't feel like ordering online because shipping gets pricey. With a different alternative, Aerie had many bath products I want to try for myself!

Beauty Obsessed: For the ones that love makeup and finding new beauty products! The Makeup Eraser should be an item that all girls need! It takes all your makeup off easily, by just adding water! Finding a palette that is affordable and the color are perfect is a package deal. Did I mention that is a palette with eyeshadows and blushes!? The last product that I thought was perfect, is an emergency kit! In one tiny bag, you have every possible thing you would need for a crisis to come up during a night out. (Even includes two Benefit cosmetic products!)

Cozy Up: Who else doesn't love a comfy blanket to cozy up in the cold months? The blanket I found is a faux fur one, I think it is beautiful (plus - like I said faux fur)! This was a pricey gift to be added, but it was just too cute not to add!


Popsugar Must Have Box | October 2016

Sunday, October 30, 2016

I received my PopSugar must have box this past week and couldn't wait to tell you what I got in it! I have to be honest and say that I did look up spoilers before I received it. To be honest it made me more and more excited to get it! This has been so far one of my favorites to receive, mainly because of the Makeup Eraser Mini. If you haven't tried out The Makeup Eraser, this is the way to take off your makeup! It makes it beyond easy and saves so much money compared to buying remover wipes.  The mug that was included is super cute and love how simple it is. Thankful they included a hot chocolate to try as well!

The Shower Oil and Bubble Bath is perfect for what I have been wanting lately. It is an oil that goes on like soap so I can shave with it then it also is bubble bath! The perfect combination all in one, then the smell is perfect for the fall months! To make a bath so more relaxing a book was including that is written by the founder of PopSugar!

The last items included were an eyeliner and an umbrella. The umbrella is beyond adorable and originally more expensive than the box alone! The stripes are so cute and who doesn't need more umbrellas! The eyeliner is from Revlon, I have never tried one from Revlon. I can't wait to break it out and maybe have it be a contender of my favorites.

I wanted to share that you can now get $5 off your FIRST Must Have Box! Just use SHOP5 when you subscribe to the box!
#MustHaveBox #Sponsored #Ad


Clarisonic Mia 2 Review

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Have you ever considered a Clarisonic? If so, let me tell you my opinion on it. I got the amazing opportunity to receive a Clarisonic Mia 2 to review and share my thoughts on. I couldn't wait to get it in the mail and test it out. I have been using it for roughly two weeks now and love it. I use it every other day, mainly because I don't wash my face that often. I use the Makeup Eraser everyday to take off my makeup, then while in the shower I use the Clarisonic (yes, it's waterproof!).

How do I use the Clarisonic Mia 2? While in the shower, once I am ready to wash my face, I run the Clarisonic brush under the water. Then once the brush is wet, I put a generous amount of the cleansing gel around the brush. Then I turn it on and I begin washing my face for one minute (automatic shuts off)! The brush has a vibration buzz that happens (20 sec, 20 sec, 10 secs, 10 secs) it helps you control and know how much time to spend on each area. Once the Clarisonic turns off, I rinse my face off and then run the brush under the water to get the access cleanser off.

Would I recommend to a friend? Yes! The Clarisonic is so simple to use and makes washing your face so much easier. Without using the Clarisonic, I never knew how long I should be washing my face (plus didn't want to actually count 60 secs).

With Christmas coming around the corner, this is a great gift and a great idea to ask for as a gift! If you are interested in purchasing a Clarisonic for a gift or for yourself you can use HERCAMPUS to get 15% off your order that is available through November 20th to use! A Clarisonic is a gift for someone that loves to keep their skin clean and healthy or for someone who is struggling with skincare! Just go www.clarisonic.com/hercampus to check out Clarisonic products!

Clarisonic is a popular face washing brush that over 15 million use for daily use. A gentle brush that cleans your skin, gentle enough you can use it twice a day. It is #1 recommended skin cleaning device by US dermatologist. I was extremely privileged enough to receive the Clarisonic Mia 2 complimentary to review and share with you, my honest opinions about. This post is sponsored by Clarisonic and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Darling In Lilly possible!

#Clarisonic #GiftFromClarisonic

Safari Sighted

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Resort is here and a Safari was sighted in the collection. Many elephants are in this collection coming up. This print is an absolute favorite currently with the agate green Elsa that matches perfectly.  When first trying it on together, I wasn't sure if it was too much of this green, but the combination is super cute!  My obsession of Kelly Skinny pants has grown times 3 since I got the Tic Tac Tile ones. I saw a new pair of Kelly's were coming out and couldn't wait to try them on. I'm usually not a big fan of prints with elephants, this print was one I couldn't pass up. The colors in the print are so vibrant and unique, perfect for my wardrobe.

Tic Tac Tile Till Fall

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Why doesn't Lilly Pulitzer carry more of these Kelly Pants? I am beyond obsessed, I have owned these for a couple months now and wear them like crazy. They are beyond comfortable and so easy to wear. These are from the Fall collection in Tic Tac Tile print.

How to tell if you are FALL obsessed

Saturday, September 24, 2016

We are all having a fever of being too hot from this summer heat. The summer we will miss is not having to take classes or doing mountains of homework assignments. Now that school has started, summer can go away until next year. I am craving everything FALL! Ever question if you are obsessed with fall? I have put my twist of being fallsessed.

Going Coastal through Fall

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Every once in a while, I can't think of how to explain my excitement over an outfit, this one made that cut. The dress alone is now a current favorite, the colors of this print are so vibrant and pretty on. I have always loved a navy dress for fall especially when it has more colors within. I first loved this dress because it reminded me of Coastal Kiss from Summer 2015, which only came in a shift dress and I didn't purchase. When this print came out, I knew I needed this Marlowe dress (which is my first Marlowe).

How I Style - Luxletic Pants

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I am obsessing over Lilly Pulitzer pants lately. I have had these since the beginning of summer and haven't had a chance to wear them out due to the heat. With school starting back, that means soon the weather should hopefully cool off. I am so excited to be able to wear these to school then work for a comfy cute outfit! To match these leggings I found this adorable pink long sleeve from PINK (similar). Then, of course, had to add my Nike Roshes which I am obsessed with how it makes the outfit pop!

How I Style - Luxletic Shorts

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ever since the Luxletic shorts came out I have been obsessing over them. I love having a comfy short option from Lilly Pulitzer. So I can wear my Lilly even when I will be lounging or possibly being active. I have two pairs of these Luxletic run around shorts and keep wanting more.

APS Planning Summer 2016

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Official APS date is August 22-23!!

Fall shipments are out and Summer is coming to an end. That only means one thing, the After Party Sale is creeping closer and closer! This one of the best things known to Lilly Pulitzer, where I grew my collection bigger with a fraction of the costs! Each year there are two online sales, one in January and then August. I now have a collection of posts with my tips and tricks for planning and being successful during the sale (click HERE to see them all). This year I decided to share my suggestions to look for during the sale.

If you would like to see my tips on shopping the sale here is my most descriptive post HERE. Below I have shown items, I have purchased throughout this year that most likely will be on sale. There are never guarantees on items to be included due to if sold out or not. I did not include any shorts because shorts are so hard to get during the sale and not the best deal for shorts. I really have purchased a lot of Lilly throughout this year. If you have seen anything on my Instagram or Blog that you are curious how things fit or my opinions on, just comment below and ask me!

I love the tassels on this top plus super bright!
LOVE these linen shorts, super comfy and cute on!

I love this print and skort so much, really recommend!

Okay, you NEED this dress! My all time favorite from this summer!

The overlay is my favorite part about this dress, not to mention this print is gorgeous!

romper 3
A romper with pom poms is a MUST!

This dress may not be on sale due to being sold out. If it does you need this flirty dress!

One of the gorgeous popular sets, so cute on(even for curvy ladies, like me)!

A perfect dress for special occasions!

Luxletic leggings are now a new obsession. You need to have a pair!

Only PBJ I Like

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I am not a huge fan of a PBJ sandwich, but I will take many items in this PBJ print! I love a print that has jellyfish on it, just like Jellies Be Jammin from two years ago. This top was something I had looked over many times, and finally saw many people wearing it and had to try it on! I love the bright pink and the tassels, then a shirt with embroidery is a plus! I knew with a lightweight tassel top, I needed to wear my tassel linen shorts.

Play! Sephora Monthly Box | July 2016

Saturday, July 30, 2016

When I saw that Sephora had a subscription box, I knew I needed to try it out! I love Sephora and a box from there would be great because it has higher end products! I love being able to try out samples and new products for a great price! For $10 a month you get 5 deluxe sample products and a fragrance sample! If you think you may be interested in getting this subscription box, I recommend you sign up for the waitlist now (you get emailed when a spot is available)!

For my first box, I was very excited for all the products I got! I love Benefit and to get this liquid Dew The Hoola bronzer was a plus! So far with playing around with it, I like the fact it's easy to carry and just able to add a dot to my bronzer brush. The First Aid Beauty face cleanser is a product I have been wanting to try for the longest time now, got the perfect size to try it out!
IMG_5347 IMG_5353

Back To School with Bed Bath and Beyond

Monday, July 25, 2016

Whether you are moving out to go to a dorm or staying at home, you need to have your room organized. Having a well clean room for where you will spend many hours studying or working on school work is essential. To meet all your dorm essential needs, Bed Bath & Beyond is the place. As soon as you go to the website, shopping for college is the first thing you will see. It has all the things you would need to shop for going off to college. There are so many options at Bed Bath & Beyond including a College Registry, College Checklist, Pack & Hold, and even able to have an expert help you decide what you really need.

Never Can Have Too Much Bubbly

Saturday, July 23, 2016

How cute are these shorts?! I have been eyeing them since they came out and finally bought them, plus got them on sale! The colors in this print are so vibrant and perfect for the summer.

Find Me Under The Palms

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Fall has arrived at Lilly Pulitzer, and things are still getting HOT! I took a trip down to my favorite place - Pink Bee and fell in love with this new dress! I'm a huge fan of Palm Trees and now to have a dress with them on it, is so much better! This swing dress is very comfortable on and the split sleeves makes it easy to wear in the transition months to come! I paired it with my newest wedges from Jack Rogers, but this dress will look great with a pair of riding boots or ankle boots when the weather gets colder. I am always a sucker for a green and blue dress, the blues are always a favorite of mine then having green within the print is adorable! I added my Kendra Scott earrings to bring out the white more!

Also don't forget to GO HERE where you can shop my Instagram!

IMG_1404 IMG_1421 IMG_1440 IMG_1455 IMG_1524 IMG_1561 IMG_1603 IMG_1626

Out to Seas the Day

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Today, Lilly Pulitzer released the first shipment of fall 2016, I am headed to Pink Bee tomorrow to purchase some new items! That doesn't mean my summer clothes are being put away, I am still bringing them out. Out to Sea turned into a favorite this summer, from the Ali dress to these Callahans. I paired these shorts with one of my go to J.Crew Factory tops and went to test out my new camera!

Lobstah Roll to the BEACH

Thursday, June 30, 2016

It is officially a month till I leave for my beach trip with my friends! The excitement can't be contained; I have started my packing lists, my money is all saved up, and the house is paid for! So with all this excitement I wanted to share a couple must haves for a beach trip. Keep in mind, there are so many more must haves, this is just a couple of items I am loving currently and needed to be shown!

Getting Steamy in Summer

Monday, June 27, 2016

Things are getting steamy in this skort with the crabs and the zipper detail. I know that many people are in love with this print, but just wished it came in more than three options! I love crabs and the colors in this print are so adorable. There is sadly only a pair of shorts (3" inseam), a skort (what I am wearing), and a tunic (very sheer on).

Happy National Wear Your Lilly Day |2016|

Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy National Wear Your Lilly Day! It is the first day of summer and one of the best days of the year! I shared on my Instagram that this is my first year I was able to dress up for NWYLD. When I saw this set in the lookbook for summer, I knew I needed to have it. I love the colors of blue and purple, then having a set that have shorts!

Regatta Romping

Saturday, June 18, 2016

You Gotta Regatta is back, in case you missed the big excitement! This romper is so cute and perfect for multiple occasions. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it, plus I have a huge thing for rompers. If you have not owned a romper, specifically a Lilly Pulitzer one, you need to get one.

Regatta In Dreams

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

UGotta Regatta is back once again to blow us all away! I'm not kidding, it's like a dream come true! Shop online as soon as possible to claim your YGR items you want. I am not sure how fast these will go or how much they produced! But luckily there are multiple items to choose from.

Just a Slice of Summer

Monday, June 13, 2016

You may have seen this romper all over Instagram already, there is a reason why. This romper is so exciting and screams summer! The colors are so vibrant and go so well with the pom-pom trim. Rompers have been an obsession of mine since last summer and now want so many of them!

I'll SEA you at the Beach

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

First, let me mention this WHITE brick wall! How amazing is it? I saw it driving through my town and got out, I fell in love how my pictures looked! This will be seen on my blog so much more now that I have found it! Then the way it looks with this Ali dress in Out to Sea is perfect! I have to say this print is so darling in person and the colors are so intense - which I love. What more could you want in a dress? This year I told myself I want less shift dresses and more everyday casual but adorable dresses. So far this one is on the top of my favorite list! In one week I wore it roughly 4 to 5 times, I just wanted to keep wearing it more and more.

Loading... Summer!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

It is never too soon to plan for summer. My excitement starts when finals are completed. Wait, when the last summer ended actually. I begin to miss summer when it ends, so I start pinning on Pinterest summer fantasies. There is never a time I don't look for new summer clothes and bikinis, there is never enough!

The Big 20!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

It is a big day, today I am entering my twenties. I used to think it would be forever till I was 20. So much excitement is going through my mind. My mom once said that twenties are the best years to come. I am glad to be exiting the teenage life, and growing up to a new decade.

Pop Pop its Memorial Day!

Monday, May 30, 2016

First want to say Happy Memorial Day! It's a great day to take the time to remember the loved ones that have fought for our country. A day like this is always a special day and so important to celebrate with thanks. Lilly Pulitzer came out with the perfect print this year that is very patriotic; Red, White, Blue, AND Pink!

Any Fins Possible In Summer

Monday, May 9, 2016

Every time I am on my Instagram feed, I happen to see someone wearing this dress. Besides Lovers Coral I think this is the most popular dress from the first Lilly Pulitzer summer shipment. It screams summer hot nights and ice cream days. Trust me, Any Fins Possible is the dress this summer. The bohemian vibe and the punch of green gives this dress a little more touch, aside from the cutout shoulders!

Simply Spring With Nice Stems

Sunday, May 1, 2016

I have never not loved a pair of callahan shorts, heck I haven't not loved a pair of Lilly shorts. I want so many of them and want to wear them everyday of the year. They fit amazing on and always have many print options in them. Plus, they are always super bright and unique.

Time to Stop and Smell the Flowers

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Spring is here and going so soon, so it is time to STOP and smell the flowers in this Beach Walk print, I feel like hasn't been talked about enough! I love this print, one of my favorites from this spring collection! If you still want anything in this print, I suggest you to either go to Pink Bee or call them as soon as possible! They recently sent out a sale list through their emails and they have tons of items on sale in this print - including this skort!

La Via Loca Melody Set!

Monday, April 11, 2016

It is here! The La Via Loca Melody Set - after the longest time, this set is finally available! I hope I am not alone when I say, I have been wanting this set since the end of December... I saw a preview of this print and knew I wanted something in it! The print La Via Loca is just Palm Beach inspired in a beautiful print, my favorite feature are the gates and of course the Palm Trees.

Spring Break is Here!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

For most of you, your spring break has already passed or has just ended. Well my spring break just started Friday! I wanted to get dressed up and take advantage of the beautiful weather and scenery. This dress I actually bought from Amazon during the After Party Sale and just now getting to wear it! I have loved it for months and it is gorgeous on, with the neon detail at the zipper down the back is the perfect touch.

Happy Easter Lilly Fam!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Just wanted to say Happy Easter to all of my readers/followers! I hope you have a great Easter and eat lots of candy(Jelly Beans)!

All in the Lilly Details

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring is finally here - the bright colors are out and the sun is shining. Southern Charm is back and so is Let's Cha Cha at Lilly. All the new accessories are adorable and so many pineapple jewelry pieces. What is spring without more Lilly? I dream of Lilly, literally. These are just a few of the new items that are on my wish list from Lilly Pulitzer. I wanted to bring up the print La Via Loca. Can we just all say that it is so cute and chic! I am obsessed with blue Lilly prints and the toile prints. I can't wait for the set in La Via Loca print to come out.

Spring Break Essentials 2016

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Oh Shello... I have failed. I have failed at keeping up with my blog. This year so far has been crazy busy with school and work. And I apologize! But to start off the new season coming upon us, I thought why not show a couple of things I think that are essential for your Spring Break 2016!


Friday, February 12, 2016

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! I am posting this early due to I couldn't wait for you to see this adorable outfit! I am in love with this Vineyard Vines shirt for Valentines Day - I saw it and knew I had to HAVE it! I first off can't say enough about Vineyard Vines (mens) t-shirts. I wear them all the time and want so many more!


IMG_3751 IMG_3764 IMG_3791 IMG_3785

Vineyard Vines always has the best selection of preppy shirts to wear year round. Not only having this Valentines Day shirt, they have one for St. Patricks day and also have them for other holidays! I even love wearing the classic logo t-shirts.

I paired my shirt with these awesome boyfriend jeans from my last post and these cool Saucony Classic sneakers that are perfect for Valentines Day! I've never had any cool sneakers and I finally have some that I love!

For accessories I have my Longchamp Le Pilage, wearing my Daniel Wellington watch that I have been wearing all the time now, then my favorite necklace from Kendra Scott! I have been loving all these accessories so much - I wear them most of time during the week! They both go with everything!

How I Style - Buffalo Check

Monday, February 8, 2016

Have you ever worn an outfit that is something different from you usually wear? That's what happened in this outfit - not only the sneakers, but also the boyfriend jeans! I have always wanted a pair of boyfriend jeans and finally found the perfect ones! Then my mom found these awesome Saucony sneakers!

Pink and Green Garden

Thursday, January 28, 2016

This past week I received this adorable Lilly Pulitzer inspired pillow from My Pink and Green Garden. This was just perfect to finish off my bedding in my Lilly inspired room! I got the opportunity to partner with this company by the She Can Blogger Network. If you would like to join a fabulous community with other bloggers just go to this link - http://www.shecan.us/p/apply.html

Want to Start a Blog?

Thursday, January 21, 2016

If you are wanting to try something new this year, I would start a blog! I wish I had started mine earlier than I did, I love it! Its one guaranteed place that is all mine. Where I can share my obsessions, reviews, fashion outfits, and so much more and not being judged.

6 Ways to Stay Motivated in 2016

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Am I the only one who loves have a workout motivation board on my Pinterest, but for some reason I am rarely motivated to actually workout… Well this year I really want to bust my butt on trying to workout. So I have a couple of things I am going to try to get me motivated. If you have any ways to motivate yourself that have worked please share them with me! The more the better!

Resolutions or Fixes HAPPY 2016!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

As the new year is here finally, it is time to think about what resolutions we failed for 2015 just within the first month. I have not been all for having new resolutions each year, just because if I want to change something in my life or make a difference - I will start it whenever.

How I Plan to Save Money in 2016

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Are you ever telling yourself you are going to save money? But then you get into your savings and take money out? This year I want to be better at this thing called "saving". I am now nineteen and I have a lifetime ahead of me. I need to start while I can and be okay. I do still live at home so I don't have to buy groceries yet or pay any rent. We both know that won't last forever. This year I want to get my savings to be nice to look at but not touch.

As You Lay for Bedtime

Friday, January 15, 2016

We all love a great nights rest, as I call my "beauty sleep". I love sleeping and I don't know anyone who doesn't! Here are some of my tips on sleeping great and waking up just as great as you slept!

Favorite Bloggers of 2015

Saturday, January 9, 2016

First want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's finally 2016, is it just me or did 2015 fly by? I feel like we all say that each and every year. But 2015 was gone so quickly! So many things happened throughout 2015 (started my blog)!

This past year was my first official year in the blogging community. I have loved the experience so far and because of these blogs that I follow and love, I have learned so many things and enjoyed just reading daily!

Lonestar SouthernKate from Lonestar Southern

 I love Kate's blog, she is gorgeous and I can tell throughout her blog posts she is adventurous. She has many outfits I have wanted certain pieces she has worn. I even bought things either because she has it or something similar to it.
Kate posts very frequently, which is a plus. Each of her outfits, she features new and fresh things.

Covering BasesKrista from Covering Bases

First off, can we talk about how beautiful this picture is of Krista! She looks stunning in that Lilly Pulitzer dress!
Krista is known for covering the bases, yes that means baseball and fashion! I even enjoy watching her YouTube videos, the seeing her gorgeous travel posts!

The College PrepsterCarly from College Prepster

Carly has always been a blogger I have to check out! She is has an adorable dog named Teddy, which she shows many times on her blog, Instagram, and Snapchat! I love her preppy style, which you seen in many outfit posts!

Aspyn Ovardaspyn ovard

Am I the only one who is obsessed with Aspyn?! I love her and Parkers vlogs on YouTube (watch every single one)! Her style is not on the preppy side, but is super cute! I think she is so pretty and love seeing her daily life and style on her blog! BTW, her wedding video and honeymoon videos are my FAV!

Pink PeoniesRachel from Pink Peonies

Rachel is just so darling and adorable, her family is just as cute! I love seeing her outfits and her posts with her sweet baby girl! She as well doesn't necessarily have the preppy style, I would say she has more of an edgy look. Her intake on fashion is so cute and love seeing her pairings!

BelleoftheBall45Abigail from Belleoftheball45

Abigail is one of my favorites from the beginning. She is so young and so inspiring for how much work she has put into her blog and Instagram. She has been featured on many Instagram accounts including; Vineyard Vines, Jack Rogers, Devon Maryn, Barrington Gifts, and probably so many more!
Abigail is always in with the new trends with fashion, especially Vineyard Vines. She pairs cute outfits while she is out adventuring!

Hope you enjoyed todays post and hope your 2016 is going to be great! Heres to a NEW YEAR! Lets make it so much better than 2015!!