Pink and Green Garden

Thursday, January 28, 2016

This past week I received this adorable Lilly Pulitzer inspired pillow from My Pink and Green Garden. This was just perfect to finish off my bedding in my Lilly inspired room! I got the opportunity to partner with this company by the She Can Blogger Network. If you would like to join a fabulous community with other bloggers just go to this link -

Want to Start a Blog?

Thursday, January 21, 2016

If you are wanting to try something new this year, I would start a blog! I wish I had started mine earlier than I did, I love it! Its one guaranteed place that is all mine. Where I can share my obsessions, reviews, fashion outfits, and so much more and not being judged.

6 Ways to Stay Motivated in 2016

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Am I the only one who loves have a workout motivation board on my Pinterest, but for some reason I am rarely motivated to actually workout… Well this year I really want to bust my butt on trying to workout. So I have a couple of things I am going to try to get me motivated. If you have any ways to motivate yourself that have worked please share them with me! The more the better!

Resolutions or Fixes HAPPY 2016!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

As the new year is here finally, it is time to think about what resolutions we failed for 2015 just within the first month. I have not been all for having new resolutions each year, just because if I want to change something in my life or make a difference - I will start it whenever.

How I Plan to Save Money in 2016

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Are you ever telling yourself you are going to save money? But then you get into your savings and take money out? This year I want to be better at this thing called "saving". I am now nineteen and I have a lifetime ahead of me. I need to start while I can and be okay. I do still live at home so I don't have to buy groceries yet or pay any rent. We both know that won't last forever. This year I want to get my savings to be nice to look at but not touch.

As You Lay for Bedtime

Friday, January 15, 2016

We all love a great nights rest, as I call my "beauty sleep". I love sleeping and I don't know anyone who doesn't! Here are some of my tips on sleeping great and waking up just as great as you slept!

Favorite Bloggers of 2015

Saturday, January 9, 2016

First want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's finally 2016, is it just me or did 2015 fly by? I feel like we all say that each and every year. But 2015 was gone so quickly! So many things happened throughout 2015 (started my blog)!

This past year was my first official year in the blogging community. I have loved the experience so far and because of these blogs that I follow and love, I have learned so many things and enjoyed just reading daily!

Lonestar SouthernKate from Lonestar Southern

 I love Kate's blog, she is gorgeous and I can tell throughout her blog posts she is adventurous. She has many outfits I have wanted certain pieces she has worn. I even bought things either because she has it or something similar to it.
Kate posts very frequently, which is a plus. Each of her outfits, she features new and fresh things.

Covering BasesKrista from Covering Bases

First off, can we talk about how beautiful this picture is of Krista! She looks stunning in that Lilly Pulitzer dress!
Krista is known for covering the bases, yes that means baseball and fashion! I even enjoy watching her YouTube videos, the seeing her gorgeous travel posts!

The College PrepsterCarly from College Prepster

Carly has always been a blogger I have to check out! She is has an adorable dog named Teddy, which she shows many times on her blog, Instagram, and Snapchat! I love her preppy style, which you seen in many outfit posts!

Aspyn Ovardaspyn ovard

Am I the only one who is obsessed with Aspyn?! I love her and Parkers vlogs on YouTube (watch every single one)! Her style is not on the preppy side, but is super cute! I think she is so pretty and love seeing her daily life and style on her blog! BTW, her wedding video and honeymoon videos are my FAV!

Pink PeoniesRachel from Pink Peonies

Rachel is just so darling and adorable, her family is just as cute! I love seeing her outfits and her posts with her sweet baby girl! She as well doesn't necessarily have the preppy style, I would say she has more of an edgy look. Her intake on fashion is so cute and love seeing her pairings!

BelleoftheBall45Abigail from Belleoftheball45

Abigail is one of my favorites from the beginning. She is so young and so inspiring for how much work she has put into her blog and Instagram. She has been featured on many Instagram accounts including; Vineyard Vines, Jack Rogers, Devon Maryn, Barrington Gifts, and probably so many more!
Abigail is always in with the new trends with fashion, especially Vineyard Vines. She pairs cute outfits while she is out adventuring!

Hope you enjoyed todays post and hope your 2016 is going to be great! Heres to a NEW YEAR! Lets make it so much better than 2015!!