As You Lay for Bedtime

Friday, January 15, 2016

We all love a great nights rest, as I call my "beauty sleep". I love sleeping and I don't know anyone who doesn't! Here are some of my tips on sleeping great and waking up just as great as you slept!

  • Get ENOUGH sleep! I like to have around 7-8 hours of sleep per night!

  • Drink water or a glass of milk before you go to sleep! Honestly I wish I did this more!

  • Only set alarms you actually need! Don't set an alarm an hour before you need to actually get up (guilty of doing this!)

  • Have everything you need ready for the morning - if you plan to work out in the morning; lay workout gear out!

  • Know what you are doing once you get up - if you go to work or school have your belongings ready to go

  • Have your surroundings clean or at least tidy. The worst is when all the mess is on the bed, so you can't get into bed before you clean it all up.

  • Be comfortable in your bed - if you are cold; socks and heated blankets are my essentials in fall and winter. If you get hot at night; wear light clothes/pajamas and maybe try out a fan at night

  • Let go of electronics! Easier said than done... Sadly

  • If you can't sleep: read, write, or watch tv without touching phone! (depends per person)

  • Feel accomplished at the end of the day: Finish your work for a job or school, worked out that day, finished a complete checklist you made for that day.

  • I have read that doing yoga while in your bed helps you get relaxed for bed.

  • Take a nice LUSH bath before getting in bed, I love taking baths and relaxing in the hot water

Now these are just some of my tips that I have learned myself or researched. These may not work for everyone but thought I would share along! Hope you come back to my blog again!

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