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Hi guys! Today I thought I would do something a tad different! I am a huge fan of watching YouTube videos and I saw Kalyn Nicholson had new video called the New Year Tag that she did with RachhLoves. I loved this idea for a blog post, so I did get these questions from their video. I also would love to hear your answers to these questions. So I challenge you to answer them either in a blog post or in the comments below! If you make a blog post on these - leave a link in the comments and I will check them out!

1. Rate 2015 on a scale of 1-10
I would rate my 2015 year a 8! I had a very crazy year and I can honestly say that I am ready for 2016! It definitely wasn't a bad year, had many new things happen and great things as well!

2. Fav Memories of 2015
I had many favorite memories throughout 2015, my most favorite is my blog! So many great and exciting things have started throughout mainly my Instagram, DarlingInLilly. Which that Instagram made me want to start a blog! I am loving the blogging community and can't wait for what happens throughout 2016 with my blog.

3. Did you change at all in 2015?
I think I did change just a little during 2015, for the better. I think each year I change either a big or small change. This year I feel like it was small adjustments. Like I learned who my true friends were and I learned how to turn away from the ones who aren't. Peer pressure is a hard thing to avoid, but turning my head from the ones that aren't good in my life, changes me for the better.

4. Did you stick to last years resolutions?
I did not make any resolutions, as bad as that sounds. So technically I did!

5. Did you travel anywhere in 2015 and where?
I went to a new mall this year with my mom. We went to the South Park Mall in North Carolina and went to my first Lilly Pulitzer store!

6. What are you excited for in 2016?
As crazy as it seems, new Lilly prints! There is something about the new releases from Lilly Pulitzer that just makes me so happy. I can stay up all night just looking at the website and Lilly Pulitzer's Pinterest. I obsess over new collections. Also I am excited to see where my blog goes during 2016! Especially since I just started mid year in 2015.

7. List 3 2016 resolutions/goals?
To save money! I just had a post about how I plan to save money this year if you would like to read it! Then I plan to take care of my feet, yes. My feet have always been the last place I tend to take care of. It's sad and horrible of me to do it! This year I am going to change that and make them look great by spring!
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