Resolutions or Fixes HAPPY 2016!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

As the new year is here finally, it is time to think about what resolutions we failed for 2015 just within the first month. I have not been all for having new resolutions each year, just because if I want to change something in my life or make a difference - I will start it whenever.


To take better care of my feet:
I tend to forget to make sure my feet look healthy, then once spring and summer comes around. I regret not taking care of them! Plus I think about wearing Jack Rogers all the time and need to be prepared for the sandal season!

To get back into working out:
I have always wanted to be a true fitness girl. Over the past couple years, I would get into working out for a week or two, sometimes a month or so. Then I'll stop, something comes up for one day where I am not motivated to workout. This year, I want to try SO SO hard to stick through with it! I don't like working out in the evening so I will be doing it in the morning, motivation needs to stay strong!

Water, Aqua, H2O:
I have been a solid soda drinker. I need to get myself to drink water more, MUCH MORE. I am guilty of not drinking ENOUGH! I know that is so bad, but it is so much easier said than done (especially because of Dr. Pepper).

Limit the Snack Food:
Gosh, this is the hard one. If I am going to get back into working out, snack foods need to be on a limitation. All the chips, candy, popcorn, and more candy needs to decrease. Sadly, food is just so good, and candy is so addicting. I will try to include healthier options instead.

I can't stress this one enough on how much I want to save this year. I always say I am going to save money, it just never happens or succeeds. I did have a post on how I am going to save money if you would like to read it!

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