Just wanted to say Happy Easter to all of my readers/followers! I hope you have a great Easter and eat lots of candy(Jelly Beans)!


IMG_5377 IMG_5378 IMG_5381 IMG_5394

I wanted to tell you about this dress I am wearing. I went to Pink Bee (my favorite place) to find my Easter dress. I tried on so many things and had couple ideas what I wanted. I tried on one dress that I loved and thought about getting it and still was trying things on just to see. I hadn't even planned to try this on till I saw it in the store, the lace is what brought me to it! I had to try it on, the moment I put it on I just smiled - it made me feel so great in it and I loved it!

I love the lace and cutouts, then the beautiful spring blue color was perfect for a pop of color! Both my mom and I thought this looked perfect for Easter - even had a Jackie Kennedy look. I just wore my Platinum Jack Rogers (ask for 20% off!), two cuffs (one Lilly other Forever 21), and Kendra Scott earrings. If you have any event coming up - this dress will be super cute for it! It has a fancy style but can be dress up to a dinner with wedges or be worn to church on Sundays with your favorite pair of sandals!

Hope you all enjoyed your Easter gatherings with family and friends! Have a great week! xoxo
Spring is finally here - the bright colors are out and the sun is shining. Southern Charm is back and so is Let's Cha Cha at Lilly. All the new accessories are adorable and so many pineapple jewelry pieces. What is spring without more Lilly? I dream of Lilly, literally. These are just a few of the new items that are on my wish list from Lilly Pulitzer. I wanted to bring up the print La Via Loca. Can we just all say that it is so cute and chic! I am obsessed with blue Lilly prints and the toile prints. I can't wait for the set in La Via Loca print to come out.

acces. lilly post collage with words



All these totes are something I want - I don't think I could choose just one. Another plus is the Let's Cha Cha and the Flamenco totes have gone $20 cheaper. Which that is great! I love how the La Via Loca is reversible so you can have two prints in one bag.

By the way if you like any of these cute accessories - I have linked all of them below.

Cabana Scarf/Reversible Tote Bag/Pineapple Necklace/Pineapple Bangle/Bamboom Hoop Earrings/Pineapple Earrings/Let's Cha Cha Beach Tote/Flamenco Beach Tote/Southern Charm Wristlet/Let's Cha Cha Cosmetic Case
If you haven't jump roped in years - I really recommend you to get into it again! It's so much fun and gets you tired really quick! I remember the first day I did it a lot and I was decently sore on my legs and abs from doing it!

IMG_4670 IMG_4671 IMG_4676 IMG_4679

Have you ever struggled trying to find an activity you enjoy doing? Well do you remember when you were younger in elementary school and jump roping was so much fun! You could do it almost all day - well you are never too old to jump rope! I just now got into it mainly because I work at an elementary after school program. We get out a cart filled with balls, jump ropes, and hula hoops! Each day that I wear a nicer outfit and nice shoes - I just want to have fun with the jump ropes and basket balls. So I decided to start dressing in athletic clothes a couple of times of the week to get my own blood flowing activity!

In this outfit I am wearing a Krass & Co shirt which I have a code to get a discount off your purchase with - "missyMAN" - you can also find similar cute shirts like this one off Country Club Prep with 20% off with my code (just ask me for it)! I have on a pair of Victoria Secret workout pants - which I am in love with the color block!

By the way: the jump rope I am using has weights in the handle which adds resistance while you are jumping and is perfect for working out! You can find jump ropes at any place like Academy or Dicks Sporting Goods - even probably TJ Maxx or Marshall's!

PS: This shirt I am wearing - the day I wore it I got so many compliments on it! Definitely a unique shirt - that is not like most shirts!
From dresses, rompers, shorts and now SKORTS - I now have a Lilly skort obsession! I have owned a skirt from Lilly before I just grew out of it and sold it. And about two years later I try on a skort and wish I did sooner! I love the skirt look with the short feel! skorting with lilly


The skorts I am wearing are from Spring - Beach Walk Lenore Skort and the Hibiscus Stroll Jasmine Skort; both are $78. If you have not tried out a skort yet from Lilly - you need to do so! They are so cute and just the perfect touch of flirty! Also who doesn't want a comfy skirt to wear and not having to worry about your bottom showing!

With the Hibiscus Stroll Skort I am wearing the Mac Sweater Tank (Peachy Pink) - which I am looking at getting soon! It was so cute with the skort and perfect match to the print! I love the print Hibiscus Stroll - it looks so much like a Vintage Lilly print and just screams LILLY! It even has hidden sea creatures like fish and shells!

Hibiscus Stroll Skort

Now the skort that I did go home with is the Beach Walk Lenore! In this photo I paired it with the Bailey Sleeveless Top (Flamingo Pink). It also turned out in my closet I have two tops that look perfect with this skort!

Beach Walk Skort


I hope you like this kind of post and check out Lilly Pulitzer's new arrivals that came out this week! I will be making a post on my top favorites!

Also a special thank you to Pink Bee in Greenville who has been so helpful to my many* shopping trips and even took some photos of me in new arrivals! If you even are looking for Lilly or Vineyard Vines and more — Pink Bee is the place to go!
Oh Shello... I have failed. I have failed at keeping up with my blog. This year so far has been crazy busy with school and work. And I apologize! But to start off the new season coming upon us, I thought why not show a couple of things I think that are essential for your Spring Break 2016!

My spring break is not till April 4-10, so I still have another month till then. I have picked some of my favorite items and some that I am wanting!

I love It's a 10 leave-in product and recommend it for everyone! I use it year round as a leave-in condition after a shower and during summer after I swim to detangle my hair! It is on the pricey side but I live for it!

I purchased this bathing suit this year - I have received the bottoms (which I LOVE) and the top was backordered, so still currently waiting for it! It should be coming by the middle of this month! I love the color block with pink and orange!

The St. Tropez Gradual Tan in Shower is something I am going to purchase soon and can't wait to try it out. I read online that all you have to do is put it on in the shower and wait 3-5 minutes then rinse it off! That easy!

Have you used Nail Envy from OPI before? If not you should try it! I love when I find a great nail strengthener, then a colored one is just the perfect match! I am also planning to get this soon!

Dew the Hoola for a perfect bronze look on a night out! I love Hoola bronzer and use it daily, year round! I also use the Real Techniques sculpting brush to create a perfect soft contour.

Who else loves casual preppy t-shirt?! I love them and wear them all the time especially during the warmer weather! You can pair them with casual shorts or even cute print Lilly shorts! This one is from Southern Tide which you can buy from Country Club Prep, which I am an ambassador rep for them if you would like to get 20% off your entire order just let me know in the comments!

Swimsuit/Nail Envy/Shirt (ask me for 20%)/Makeup Brush/Hoola Bronzer/It's a 10/St. Tropez Shower Tan