Jump It Out Workout

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If you haven't jump roped in years - I really recommend you to get into it again! It's so much fun and gets you tired really quick! I remember the first day I did it a lot and I was decently sore on my legs and abs from doing it!

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Have you ever struggled trying to find an activity you enjoy doing? Well do you remember when you were younger in elementary school and jump roping was so much fun! You could do it almost all day - well you are never too old to jump rope! I just now got into it mainly because I work at an elementary after school program. We get out a cart filled with balls, jump ropes, and hula hoops! Each day that I wear a nicer outfit and nice shoes - I just want to have fun with the jump ropes and basket balls. So I decided to start dressing in athletic clothes a couple of times of the week to get my own blood flowing activity!

In this outfit I am wearing a Krass & Co shirt which I have a code to get a discount off your purchase with - "missyMAN" - you can also find similar cute shirts like this one off Country Club Prep with 20% off with my code (just ask me for it)! I have on a pair of Victoria Secret workout pants - which I am in love with the color block!

By the way: the jump rope I am using has weights in the handle which adds resistance while you are jumping and is perfect for working out! You can find jump ropes at any place like Academy or Dicks Sporting Goods - even probably TJ Maxx or Marshall's!

PS: This shirt I am wearing - the day I wore it I got so many compliments on it! Definitely a unique shirt - that is not like most shirts!
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