Skorting with Lilly

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From dresses, rompers, shorts and now SKORTS - I now have a Lilly skort obsession! I have owned a skirt from Lilly before I just grew out of it and sold it. And about two years later I try on a skort and wish I did sooner! I love the skirt look with the short feel! skorting with lilly


The skorts I am wearing are from Spring - Beach Walk Lenore Skort and the Hibiscus Stroll Jasmine Skort; both are $78. If you have not tried out a skort yet from Lilly - you need to do so! They are so cute and just the perfect touch of flirty! Also who doesn't want a comfy skirt to wear and not having to worry about your bottom showing!

With the Hibiscus Stroll Skort I am wearing the Mac Sweater Tank (Peachy Pink) - which I am looking at getting soon! It was so cute with the skort and perfect match to the print! I love the print Hibiscus Stroll - it looks so much like a Vintage Lilly print and just screams LILLY! It even has hidden sea creatures like fish and shells!

Hibiscus Stroll Skort

Now the skort that I did go home with is the Beach Walk Lenore! In this photo I paired it with the Bailey Sleeveless Top (Flamingo Pink). It also turned out in my closet I have two tops that look perfect with this skort!

Beach Walk Skort


I hope you like this kind of post and check out Lilly Pulitzer's new arrivals that came out this week! I will be making a post on my top favorites!

Also a special thank you to Pink Bee in Greenville who has been so helpful to my many* shopping trips and even took some photos of me in new arrivals! If you even are looking for Lilly or Vineyard Vines and more — Pink Bee is the place to go!
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