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Spring into Lilly

Do you ever look in your closet and you know you have enough clothes but you somehow say to yourself "I NEED MORE!" That is how I feel every time there is a new Lilly Pulitzer release. Recently, I was able to try on some new items that were released March 7! I fell in love with two new prints: Hibiscus Stroll and Flamenco! I was already obsessed with the print Beach Walk before I got there, then seeing those prints I loved them! I will be getting something in the Hibiscus Stroll before Spring is over! I did purchase some items as well - my Easter dress (which I shared on Easter!), Lenore skort in Beach Walk, and a White Cardigan. PS: My Easter dress did come out in the release from March 7!

FYI this is just my favorites from the releases from before today! Next week - April 11th, there will be new releases as well! I can't wait to see the La Via Loca print that is coming out then, which I am hoping to be able to see it this coming weekend!

Let me know what prints you love and what styles. Have you bought anything from this spring collection? Each year I think that Lilly Pulitzer just out does each season.



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