It is a big day, today I am entering my twenties. I used to think it would be forever till I was 20. So much excitement is going through my mind. My mom once said that twenties are the best years to come. I am glad to be exiting the teenage life, and growing up to a new decade. As sad as it may be that I am not longer a teenager, I am ready to see where my twenties go. My teenage years have been some of the roughest times so far, mainly from so much friend drama. But I have great friends that are going with me to my twenties and can't wait to see where it goes. Today I wanted to show you what I got for myself for my birthday. I love getting a new dress to wear for my birthday, mainly because it never hurts to spoil yourself on a new Lilly dress. I thought also to celebrate my 20th birthday I will share 20 random facts about me!


1 Youngest in family with 3 older brothers
2 My hair has been blonde, red, and close to black
3 I love Urban Decay Lipsticks more than MAC
4 I have a Jack Russell Terrier, Olive
IMG_9254 IMG_9204

5 Cotton Candy is my obsession
6 I do not like cake but I love the icing and batter
7 Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays, I LOVE fireworks!
8 I have balanced two jobs for around 2 years now
IMG_9183 IMG_92009 I love Dr. Pepper
10 My mom is my best friend
11 I did not get my first phone till I was in 9th grade
12 I was on the Yearbook staff in High School
IMG_9155 IMG_914613 My favorite food is sushi
14 I keep chapstick everywhere. My car, purse, bathroom, nightstand, makeup drawer, beside my tv.
15 I enjoy emails probably way too much
16 I own over 100 pieces of Lilly PulitzerIMG_9126 IMG_9134 17 I am obsessed with lipsticks and mascara.
18 I keep my home screen on my iPhone just white. I like the clean and crisp look when looking for apps.
19 I enjoy watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette
20 I have been blogging for almost a full year!IMG_9112 IMG_9069

I am so happy to be able to share my 2oth birthday with you all! If you would like to shop this dress click THIS LINK!

First want to say Happy Memorial Day! It's a great day to take the time to remember the loved ones that have fought for our country. A day like this is always a special day and so important to celebrate with thanks. Lilly Pulitzer came out with the perfect print this year that is very patriotic; Red, White, Blue, AND Pink! It is a print that just makes you remember all the summer memories with summer hot nights, sharing great moments by the pool and watching the fireworks pop pop pop! One of my favorite things about these shorts, is that they glow in the dark! No not the whole shorts, just those grayish brown dots all over the shorts! Yes, I have tested it as well. I think it adds a little detail that no other brand can beat! I love the hidden crabs on this print and also love the pink and red colors mixed throughout the print. I love a good pair of printed shorts you can just grab and put on with a solid shirt. I am wearing my favorite J.Crew Factory top at the moment, which I have been able to pair with more than 3 prints so far. Which that is a huge wow factor for me, the more to pair with the better. I have two other shirts like this from last year that I still obsessed with. They are so comfy and perfect to dress up a pair of shorts - even to dress casual! I had to show you my bracelet and earrings, they are from last year but something I recommend you to try to find! The crab earrings are adorable and match so many Lilly prints. Then the alligator cuff, I could wear this everyday. I love the wrap around design with the blue eyes and gold is the perfect combination! By the way if you go purchase these shorts - you can get a free beach ball with purchase! Many other options see below outfit pictures! Today is the last day - so hurry!

Shop this outfit:

Lilly Pulitzer Pop Pop Buttercups J.Crew Factory Neon Dahlia Drapey Sleeveless Popover Shirt 

IMG_8519 IMG_8515 IMG_8502 IMG_8429 IMG_8392 IMG_8379 IMG_8365 IMG_8275 IMG_8236 IMG_8214

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 4.47.40 PM
It may still be Spring, but my mind is officially in summer. I have already swam a couple of times and been wearing shorts and tank tops. Summer is just around the corner I thought I needed some inspiration to get even more excited for the hot months. Pool floats are super popular and have been for a few years now. This year, the floats are everywhere from food to animals. 

The pool floats started to be the donuts or the flamingoes. Now you can get pizza, pineapples, whales, and ice cream cones! How awesome would your pool look with a unique float in it! Also imagine the Instagram worthy photo you can get with it! I however do not have a pool, so don't see the big need of getting a pool float I won't be able to use that much. I do have a Kate Spade tube I got a TJ Maxx in the fall, which I will find a use out of it!

Pool Floats Collage




Pineapple Toucan Ice Cream Cone Popsicle Watermelon Whale Flamingo White Swan Black Swan Pretzel

I am sure I'm not alone when I say, I love to make wish lists. That is why I created my own I Want This! series. The Birthday wish list is always my favorite, because they are items I have always wanted and just needed an excuse to get. This list is not what I expect for my Birthday, just things I would enjoy if I received them. From my favorite items to things I have always wanted.The THING


Ever since I saw Kate Spade's summer releases, I have loved the I Need A Vacation tote so much. But as you can see I like a lot of different bags. I have always wanted a Vineyard Vines bag and I love the two I chose. The book bag is super cute and bright, which I adore bright colors. Then the striped weekender is just so many great things! The navy and stripes, then of course large enough for a night away. I love Vineyard Vines t-shirts and the american flag one will be perfect for my patriotic whale shorts I got last year.

Bobbi Brown beach perfume is by far my favorite scent I have ever gotten. I got the roller ball last year and has been the only perfume I have ever used up. I used it daily and always got compliments saying I smelt like either the beach or summer. What else could you want? This set is the price of a full size bottle then get extra products in the scent.

Lilly always makes a way to my wish list, I love the layered necklace that was released recently, then the accessories that would be perfect for a night over at friends or just running around. I would love to have a Lilly ID case for my keys to hold the essentials for running into Starbucks.


Bobbi Brown Beach Set / Layer Necklace / ID Card Case / Clear Zip Pouch / Lobstah Roll Tote / Need a Vacation Tote / Flag VV Shirt / Scale Shirt / Striped Weekender / Whale Hat / Seersucker Tote / VV Book bag
Every time I am on my Instagram feed, I happen to see someone wearing this dress. Besides Lovers Coral I think this is the most popular dress from the first Lilly Pulitzer summer shipment. It screams summer hot nights and ice cream days. Trust me, Any Fins Possible is the dress this summer. The bohemian vibe and the punch of green gives this dress a little more touch, aside from the cutout shoulders!


IMG_7495 IMG_7499IMG_7511 IMG_7517 IMG_7523 IMG_7548

I love everything about this dress, it has so many styles in one dress. You get the pleasure of a Lilly print, cutout shoulders, bell sleeves, tassels, and pom poms! At first I was unsure how this dress would look on me, but giving it a chance I fell in love with it! This summer I decided to look for more unique pieces, and try to get more than just a shift dress. This dress is perfect for this summer and for once the greens grabbed my attention.

One disclaimer, this dress is already either sold out or taken off the website so I did find it here in a couple of sizes! So you need to act quick if you are still interested in this dress, even call signature stores to ship it to you. If you like this print but just can't do a daring dress, there are other options that I love which I will have below for you to check out. By the way, the romper is definitely the brightest of the bunch! Let me know what your favorite items are from this summer collection so far? I can't wait for more to come!

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I have never not loved a pair of callahan shorts, heck I haven't not loved a pair of Lilly shorts. I want so many of them and want to wear them everyday of the year. They fit amazing on and always have many print options in them. Plus, they are always super bright and unique.

I have been loving these Nice Stem shorts for a while now. I almost didn't buy this print until I saw these shorts in person. I didn't buy them at that time but later I kept thinking about them, so I went on the hunt for them. As I was searching them, I noticed they were sold out in a lot of sizes, also in the skort. Then I knew I had to find them before they were completely sold out! They still had my size online, so I didn't hesitate purchasing! If I like a print a lot and think about it after waiting on it, I make sure I get something in it! (Especially if almost completely sold out!)

Now that spring is here, and almost feels like summer to me - I am wearing shorts, skirts, and dresses all the time. It is way too hot now to be wearing pants! I went shopping yesterday and started the summer collection! I love all the new prints and can't wait to get more!

Also I wanted to mention this J.Crew Factory shirt once again, I have worn it with so many things so far and love the bright color! If I ever need any shirt to match any Lilly pieces, J.Crew Factory is my number 1 place to look. They always have many color options and fit amazing! This one is very similar color and is just like the Lilly dusks tops!

Be on the lookout soon for two outfits that I can't wait to share with you! PS: Yes, LILLY!

IMG_5830 IMG_5842 IMG_5854 IMG_5860 IMG_5879 IMG_5891 IMG_5911