Any Fins Possible In Summer

Monday, May 9, 2016

Every time I am on my Instagram feed, I happen to see someone wearing this dress. Besides Lovers Coral I think this is the most popular dress from the first Lilly Pulitzer summer shipment. It screams summer hot nights and ice cream days. Trust me, Any Fins Possible is the dress this summer. The bohemian vibe and the punch of green gives this dress a little more touch, aside from the cutout shoulders!


IMG_7495 IMG_7499IMG_7511 IMG_7517 IMG_7523 IMG_7548

I love everything about this dress, it has so many styles in one dress. You get the pleasure of a Lilly print, cutout shoulders, bell sleeves, tassels, and pom poms! At first I was unsure how this dress would look on me, but giving it a chance I fell in love with it! This summer I decided to look for more unique pieces, and try to get more than just a shift dress. This dress is perfect for this summer and for once the greens grabbed my attention.

One disclaimer, this dress is already either sold out or taken off the website so I did find it here in a couple of sizes! So you need to act quick if you are still interested in this dress, even call signature stores to ship it to you. If you like this print but just can't do a daring dress, there are other options that I love which I will have below for you to check out. By the way, the romper is definitely the brightest of the bunch! Let me know what your favorite items are from this summer collection so far? I can't wait for more to come!

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