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I Want This! - 20th Birthday

I am sure I'm not alone when I say, I love to make wish lists. That is why I created my own I Want This! series. The Birthday wish list is always my favorite, because they are items I have always wanted and just needed an excuse to get. This list is not what I expect for my Birthday, just things I would enjoy if I received them. From my favorite items to things I have always wanted.The THING


Ever since I saw Kate Spade's summer releases, I have loved the I Need A Vacation tote so much. But as you can see I like a lot of different bags. I have always wanted a Vineyard Vines bag and I love the two I chose. The book bag is super cute and bright, which I adore bright colors. Then the striped weekender is just so many great things! The navy and stripes, then of course large enough for a night away. I love Vineyard Vines t-shirts and the american flag one will be perfect for my patriotic whale shorts I got last year.

Bobbi Brown beach perfume is by far my favorite scent I have ever gotten. I got the roller ball last year and has been the only perfume I have ever used up. I used it daily and always got compliments saying I smelt like either the beach or summer. What else could you want? This set is the price of a full size bottle then get extra products in the scent.

Lilly always makes a way to my wish list, I love the layered necklace that was released recently, then the accessories that would be perfect for a night over at friends or just running around. I would love to have a Lilly ID case for my keys to hold the essentials for running into Starbucks.


Bobbi Brown Beach Set / Layer Necklace / ID Card Case / Clear Zip Pouch / Lobstah Roll Tote / Need a Vacation Tote / Flag VV Shirt / Scale Shirt / Striped Weekender / Whale Hat / Seersucker Tote / VV Book bag

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