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Lets Float To Summer

It may still be Spring, but my mind is officially in summer. I have already swam a couple of times and been wearing shorts and tank tops. Summer is just around the corner I thought I needed some inspiration to get even more excited for the hot months. Pool floats are super popular and have been for a few years now. This year, the floats are everywhere from food to animals. 

The pool floats started to be the donuts or the flamingoes. Now you can get pizza, pineapples, whales, and ice cream cones! How awesome would your pool look with a unique float in it! Also imagine the Instagram worthy photo you can get with it! I however do not have a pool, so don't see the big need of getting a pool float I won't be able to use that much. I do have a Kate Spade tube I got a TJ Maxx in the fall, which I will find a use out of it!

Pool Floats Collage




Pineapple Toucan Ice Cream Cone Popsicle Watermelon Whale Flamingo White Swan Black Swan Pretzel

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