Simply Spring With Nice Stems

Sunday, May 1, 2016

I have never not loved a pair of callahan shorts, heck I haven't not loved a pair of Lilly shorts. I want so many of them and want to wear them everyday of the year. They fit amazing on and always have many print options in them. Plus, they are always super bright and unique.

I have been loving these Nice Stem shorts for a while now. I almost didn't buy this print until I saw these shorts in person. I didn't buy them at that time but later I kept thinking about them, so I went on the hunt for them. As I was searching them, I noticed they were sold out in a lot of sizes, also in the skort. Then I knew I had to find them before they were completely sold out! They still had my size online, so I didn't hesitate purchasing! If I like a print a lot and think about it after waiting on it, I make sure I get something in it! (Especially if almost completely sold out!)

Now that spring is here, and almost feels like summer to me - I am wearing shorts, skirts, and dresses all the time. It is way too hot now to be wearing pants! I went shopping yesterday and started the summer collection! I love all the new prints and can't wait to get more!

Also I wanted to mention this J.Crew Factory shirt once again, I have worn it with so many things so far and love the bright color! If I ever need any shirt to match any Lilly pieces, J.Crew Factory is my number 1 place to look. They always have many color options and fit amazing! This one is very similar color and is just like the Lilly dusks tops!

Be on the lookout soon for two outfits that I can't wait to share with you! PS: Yes, LILLY!

IMG_5842 IMG_5854 IMG_5860 IMG_5879 IMG_5891 IMG_5911

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