It is officially a month till I leave for my beach trip with my friends! The excitement can't be contained; I have started my packing lists, my money is all saved up, and the house is paid for! So with all this excitement I wanted to share a couple must haves for a beach trip. Keep in mind, there are so many more must haves, this is just a couple of items I am loving currently and needed to be shown!

The after sun lotion from Hawaiian Tropic is a big goto for summer, the smell is the best part! To top off the beach smells, Bobbi Brown BEACH is my all time favorite perfume, I wear it year round! For the beach if you need some color on the lips to go with your awesome shades, Stila Liquid Lipsticks will last you the whole day at the beach. With the Pacifica underarm deodorant wipes, apply deodorant is one easy step and no white stain on your shirts (which are a new obsession). Having Lilly Pulitzer is always an essential by the beach, with your beach bag to your athletic shorts to wear!

Also wanted to mention, you will see my phone is in some of these photos. That means I am not taking my blog photos on my iPhone anymore, I got a DSLR camera finally! After over a year of having my blog using my iPhone for my photos, I now have a camera that will be perfect for my blog!

POPSUGAR sent me this Must Have Box to try out the products in the June monthly box, the Pacifica wipes were including. I give my honest opinion on products that were sent to me. You can buy the July monthly box now at this link: Also if you get the POPSUGAR Must Have box, what was your favorite product from this month?

IMG_0198 IMG_0206 IMG_0208 IMG_0210 IMG_0216 IMG_0219

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Things are getting steamy in this skort with the crabs and the zipper detail. I know that many people are in love with this print, but just wished it came in more than three options! I love crabs and the colors in this print are so adorable. There is sadly only a pair of shorts (3" inseam), a skort (what I am wearing), and a tunic (very sheer on).

With this skort I paired a staple of mine, a studio t-shirt from J.Crew Factory which I have many colors in. J.Crew Factory shirts are a major staple in my closet, majority of my tops I wear with Lilly are from there. Also wearing the new obsession, Jack Rogers wedges. I love them so much and so happy how they look with Lilly. I needed to invest in a nice pair of wedges to wear with my outfits, Jack Rogers was the way to go! To top it all off, wearing my Kendra Scott earrings and two GWP items, the tassel necklace and tassel cuff bracelets.
IMG_0277 IMG_0350 IMG_0379 IMG_0398 IMG_0407 IMG_0472 IMG_0512
Happy National Wear Your Lilly Day! It is the first day of summer and one of the best days of the year! I shared on my Instagram that this is my first year I was able to dress up for NWYLD. When I saw this set in the lookbook for summer, I knew I needed to have it. I love the colors of blue and purple, then having a set that have shorts! The fringe detail is my favorite part of this set, such a cute detail that only a Lilly pulls off so well. I also received this adorable tassel necklace as a GWP, which ends tonight, you can find the set here and I also purchased two other goodies. By the way, just got these Jack Rogers Wedges that are going to be great with so much Lilly that are on sale NOW! Hope you have a great day and Happy Summer! QRBP7464 IMG_0656 IMG_0662 IMG_0791 IMG_0826
You Gotta Regatta is back, in case you missed the big excitement! This romper is so cute and perfect for multiple occasions. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it, plus I have a huge thing for rompers. If you have not owned a romper, specifically a Lilly Pulitzer one, you need to get one. I love all of mine, I wear them so many times during spring and summer. What's great about this romper you may ask, well it has pockets, a tie belt, strapless, and its cotton{oh and only $98}! But you better hurry quick, so far the Popover is completely sold out (there is a waitlist) then the Melle dress is almost out! If you like anything in this print, I would act quickly, I have linked other options at the bottom. Hurry fast, because this print is a HOLY GRAIL and thousands want it. Go to HERE to shop this adorable romper!







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UGotta Regatta is back once again to blow us all away! I'm not kidding, it's like a dream come true! Shop online as soon as possible to claim your YGR items you want. I am not sure how fast these will go or how much they produced! But luckily there are multiple items to choose from. There is a maxi, shorts, shift, popover and even a towel! Last summer when they brought back Lets Cha Cha, only the callahans were released. This year we've all got a chance to find something we can love on. I took home this gorgeous Elsa, the Adie Shorts, and the Ritz Romper. Out of the three, the romper is my absolute favorite! Also I was so in love with the Elsa, it's the first Elsa I paid full price for and I paired it with this skort! If you have ever wanted anything in this print, now is your moment just don't wait too long!

IMG_9746 IMG_9752 IMG_9766IMG_9748
You may have seen this romper all over Instagram already, there is a reason why. This romper is so exciting and screams summer! The colors are so vibrant and go so well with the pom-pom trim. Rompers have been an obsession of mine since last summer and now want so many of them! When I saw this print, Lovers Coral, I needed something in it. As well with this summer I wanted to get more unique pieces and this one was up my alley! I love everything about this romper, the quality is great and the style are a summer staple.You can find this gorgeous romper here, if the romper isn't your style check out this skort and this dress! I really recommend getting something in this summer print. With the sea life all over it and the octopus is the best part (yes, there is one on my butt)! See the bottom to see other items in this adorable print.
romper6 romper1 romper 7 romper 3 romper 1IMG_7984 IMG_8021 IMG_8081

Shop this gorgeous romper HERE!

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First, let me mention this WHITE brick wall! How amazing is it? I saw it driving through my town and got out, I fell in love how my pictures looked! This will be seen on my blog so much more now that I have found it! Then the way it looks with this Ali dress in Out to Sea is perfect! I have to say this print is so darling in person and the colors are so intense - which I love. What more could you want in a dress? This year I told myself I want less shift dresses and more everyday casual but adorable dresses. So far this one is on the top of my favorite list! In one week I wore it roughly 4 to 5 times, I just wanted to keep wearing it more and more.

Now that I have this gorgeous dress, I can't wait to go to the beach with it. I can imagine walking at night along the pier that is right off the campground we are staying at. Or even maybe just a walk down the beach having a lemonade. This dress is super comfy and a must have for anyone looking for anything in this print.

PS: I also got the Out to Sea callahan shorts as well - if you would like for me to show you all I have gotten from the summer shipments so far let me know!
IMG_8786 IMG_9018 IMG_8820 IMG_8840 IMG_8943 IMG_8945 IMG_8973 IMG_8998 IMG_9031
It is never too soon to plan for summer. My excitement starts when finals are completed. Wait, when the last summer ended actually. I begin to miss summer when it ends, so I start pinning on Pinterest summer fantasies. There is never a time I don't look for new summer clothes and bikinis, there is never enough!

Each summer, I get all excited for no school and long hot nights. Swimming while I babysit, dreaming of a vacation, and wear shorts pretty much everyday. I have certain products and accessories that I use every summer, sometimes during the hot spring days to dream of summer days.


Jack Rogers are my staple piece for summer, well as soon as it is warm enough to wear sandals I pull them out. I love all my Jacks, however I order on Country Club Prep. They have free shipping and so many other preppy brands to choose from! If you would like to get 20% off your order from Country Club Prep, just comment your email below.

 Platinum Jack Rogers Wedges | White Jack Rogers

I recently got into wearing hats, currently have two kinds. A Vineyard Vines ball cap and a J.Crew Factory sun hat. I love them both and able to wear them to many occasions.

Vineyard Vines Pink Hat | Sun Hat

From spending the whole day either by the pool or the beach, you need to take care of your body. You have your hair, skin, and even lips! The After Sun Lotion, I live by. Even in winter, I sometimes miss summer and just put some on my hands to smell the missed summer days. I live by a Wet Brush, I use it daily to comb out my tangles after a shower and it doesn't damage my hair! To ensure my face is moisturized I like to use the Evian Facial Water Spray. I just spray over my makeup or when I am not wearing any, gives me a fresh feel throughout a hot day. To keep my lips smooth and with a hint of color, I love to carry my BareMinerals Pop of Passion lip color. It is like a lip balm and oil to keep your lips moisturized all day. The color is sheer but enough to see the color. I love this product and have many colors already.

After Sun Lotion | Wet Brush | Facial Water Spray | BareMinerals Pop of Passion 

To top summer planning off, you need the perfect beach accessories. My all time favorite perfume is the Bobbi Brown Beach, it is just a beach in a bottle. I can't think of any way to describe it, I first heard of this perfume from Allison Anderson from YouTube couple years ago. Last year I got the roller ball and finished it recently. I have used that perfect so much and got many compliments on how I smelt like either sunscreen, the beach, or just summer! Those are some of the best compliments to me! To add to a great beach scent, a playful cooler and bright flip-flops. The cooler is from Lilly Pulitzer, I bought it for myself a couple of months ago and used it once so far for hiking. It has so much room and great quality, with extra pockets around the outside. The PINK flip-flops just scream a day by the pool to me. I love having some cheaper or easy flip-flops to keep in my beach/pool bag so I can keep my nicer sandals dry and safe from water and sand during summer.

Bobbi Brown Beach set | Lilly Cooler | PINK Flip Flops




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