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Sunday, June 5, 2016

It is never too soon to plan for summer. My excitement starts when finals are completed. Wait, when the last summer ended actually. I begin to miss summer when it ends, so I start pinning on Pinterest summer fantasies. There is never a time I don't look for new summer clothes and bikinis, there is never enough!

Each summer, I get all excited for no school and long hot nights. Swimming while I babysit, dreaming of a vacation, and wear shorts pretty much everyday. I have certain products and accessories that I use every summer, sometimes during the hot spring days to dream of summer days.

Jack Rogers are my staple piece for summer, well as soon as it is warm enough to wear sandals I pull them out. I love all my Jacks, however I order on Country Club Prep. They have free shipping and so many other preppy brands to choose from! If you would like to get 20% off your order from Country Club Prep, just comment your email below.

I recently got into wearing hats, currently have two kinds. A Vineyard Vines ball cap and a J.Crew Factory sun hat. I love them both and able to wear them to many occasions.

From spending the whole day either by the pool or the beach, you need to take care of your body. You have your hair, skin, and even lips! The After Sun Lotion, I live by. Even in winter, I sometimes miss summer and just put some on my hands to smell the missed summer days. I live by a Wet Brush, I use it daily to comb out my tangles after a shower and it doesn't damage my hair! To ensure my face is moisturized I like to use the Evian Facial Water Spray. I just spray over my makeup or when I am not wearing any, gives me a fresh feel throughout a hot day. To keep my lips smooth and with a hint of color, I love to carry my BareMinerals Pop of Passion lip color. It is like a lip balm and oil to keep your lips moisturized all day. The color is sheer but enough to see the color. I love this product and have many colors already.

To top summer planning off, you need the perfect beach accessories. My all time favorite perfume is the Bobbi Brown Beach, it is just a beach in a bottle. I can't think of any way to describe it, I first heard of this perfume from Allison Anderson from YouTube couple years ago. Last year I got the roller ball and finished it recently. I have used that perfect so much and got many compliments on how I smelt like either sunscreen, the beach, or just summer! Those are some of the best compliments to me! To add to a great beach scent, a playful cooler and bright flip-flops. The cooler is from Lilly Pulitzer, I bought it for myself a couple of months ago and used it once so far for hiking. It has so much room and great quality, with extra pockets around the outside. The PINK flip-flops just scream a day by the pool to me. I love having some cheaper or easy flip-flops to keep in my beach/pool bag so I can keep my nicer sandals dry and safe from water and sand during summer.



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